Can They Sink ANY Lower? Apparently, Baby Sussex Number 2 Is Coming On Thursday – Which Would’ve Been Prince Philip’s 100th Birthday

Baby Sussex Number 2 is coming soon…

When is Baby Sussex number 2 arriving? That’s what we’d love to know. When the Valentine’s Day photo went out it was believed (supposedly) that Meghan was six months pregnant. However, it has been almost four months since this was announced. That would mean she’s been preggers for 10 months. Like what the actual hell? According to the Daily Mail, the little girl who will be 8th in line for the throne will be born on what would’ve been her great-grandfather, Prince Philip’s 100th birthday, June 10.

This piece of speculation is only one of the many attempts the Sussexes have made to overshadow the royal family. Over the years, the couple done the following:

  • Announced Archie’s pending arrival at Princess Eugenie’s wedding
  • Announced things either the day before or on Catherine’s birthday
  • Meghan announced her children’s book The Bench the day before the release of Catherine’s coffee table photography book, Hold Still
  • A paparazzi photo of Meghan and Archie was released just 18 minutes prior to the drop of Prince Louis’ 3rd birthday photo
  • Meghan dropped a photo of herself on the day of Camilla’s speech on domestic violence

The list basically goes on and on.

What really takes cake is that the baby’s parents are considering (again, supposedly) naming Baby Sussex number 2, one of the following:

  • Pip (after Prince Philip)
  • Lily (after The Queen)
  • Diana (after Princess Diana)
  • Philippa (after Prince Philip)

Okay. Now, if this were any other royal couple, we’d go ‘Aww! How Sweet!’ But, this is Harry and Meghan. The couple who love to make events about themselves when they’re not. Also, if any of this name business is true, is this their way of trying to get back into the RF’s good graces? They literally threw The Queen and Prince Philip under a bus. Why name their child after one of them if ‘H’ despises them for giving him ‘genetic pain’?

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