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Babes Against Bullshit: Two Influencers Get Into Fight Over A Baby Name


Is it just me or is the world of social media influencers beginning to get dumber? It has come to my attention that two Australia influencers have gotten into a fight over a baby name. Yeah, you heard that right. Model Jessica Hart and her friend, Sasha Benz were – or are – feuding over the idea that one of them stole the other’s daughter’s name, according to Mamamia. *insert eye roll here* Now, I don’t have kids… yet but I do know someone else’s pain of having a child’s name stolen.

It happened to my mum multiple times. She had three names she liked for either me or my sister and she happened to mention them to expectant mothers she knew. When the babies were born, they ended up with the names.

Now, my cousin had twin girls in late 2019 and she and her partner never told anyone what their names were. However, my other cousin, her brother, randomly guessed one of them when he threw out random names. I didn’t know this until Christmas 2020.

Another of my cousins is having a boy in May and she and her partner haven’t told anyone what the name is.

A third example is my great-aunt’s eldest grandson welcomed his daughter with his wife a few years back. She’s either five or six now and they didn’t tell anyone what her name was until she was born.

Just Don’t Tell Anyone Or Use A Name Book For Inspiration!

Now, my mother used an old fashioned baby name book for me. She still has it to this day almost 30 years on. When I was five, she gave a number of names to pick from for my sister, I chose Jessica. I don’t know what became of the story after that. Whether she told anyone what my sister’s name was going to be, I have no idea.

Anyway, if you don’t want people to steal the name you have chosen from your child, just don’t tell them. It’s as simple as that. If anything, buy a baby book or look on name websites. There is plenty out there.

Does It Matter If The Name is Spelt Different But Sounds The Same?

Jessica Hart and Sasha Benz named their daughters, ‘Baby’ but with different spelling.

Hart’s daughter’s name is Baby-Rae nicknamed just ‘Baby’. Benz’s little girl’s name is Baybi.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter. You should be honoured. It’s not like you trademarked the name where NO ONE can use it.

However, Hart is also in the wrong here. Regardless if she said it was unintentional that she named her child ‘Baby’, she knew someone who had used the name. Also, do most celebrities not think about the child?

The name might sound cute when they’re little, but when they’re teenagers or even adults, they’re going to get teased. It’s like when you name your dog or cat something fancy. Whatever happened to naming your kid Fred, George or Chelsea?

Similar Instances

Now, before I end this rather pointless Babs post, I wanted to point out another instance of baby name stealing.

Rapper Cardi B got into trouble from the Kardashians for naming her daughter, Kulture. Now, this wouldn’t have been an issue if she had named her child with a ‘C’ rather than a ‘K’ because ‘K’ names are (apparently) for Kardashians only.

However, none of the Kardashians’ kids have ‘K’ names. This trend ended with Kourtney when she named her first child, Mason and then her second child, her daughter became Penelope and than her last son was named Reign. None of her siblings have named their children with ‘K’ names.

So stupid!

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