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The Bold And The Beautiful: Steffy And Finn Welcome Their Son And Brooke Busts Quinn And Carter!


Steffy and Finn welcome their son Hayes into the family while Brooke busts Quinn and Carter at the Vow Renewal…

Last week was a big week for the characters of The Bold and the Beautiful. Steffy and Finn welcomed their newborn son, Hayes into their lives while Queric’s vow renewal goes up in flames thanks to Paris non-verbally telling Brooke about the Quarter affair. God only knows what will happen next. We can assure you all now, it is going to be so juicy.

Let’s dive into some of our thoughts on what happened last week and what could be going in the coming episodes set to air this week. As much as this show irks up at times, it gives us so much joy to see characters like Quinn get what’s coming to her. Oh, and we’ll slip in a little bit of intel about what is going to happen with Thomas and Hope as well.

There is so much going on that this is going to be a HUGE post so you might want to buckle up and grab your coffee, tea, or even a bucket of popcorn. Yeah, we’re going in deep for this one. It’s been a while since we’ve done a LONG Bold and the Beautiful post, so it’s differently overdue.

So, without much delay, let’s go!

Welcome, Baby Hayes

Steffy’s home birth goes exactly as planned. As an added bonus, it gives her an excuse not to go to her grandfather and Quinn’s vow renewal. Prior to going into labour, she talks to her dad and Finn about her step-grandmother whom her fiancée is unfamiliar with the history of the jewellery designer.

We cannot say we blame Finn for not knowing too much about Quinn. After all, he doesn’t go to Forrester Creations that much outside of seeing Ridge, Thomas, or Steffy. He did bump into Hope once or twice. Going back to the story, FC’s co-CEO says she’s not a fan of Eric’s wife.

Ridge admits that he doesn’t see the point of his father and stepmother renewing their vows. If they were married like 20 years then yeah, he’d be fine with it. During his visit, his daughter starts having contractions. After he leaves, Steffy’s waters break; the baby wants a big welcoming.

Upon the baby’s birth, Steffy and Finn name him, Hayes, after Taylor. Steffy says her mother will be thrilled that her grandson was named after her.

Bit of a side note here. Hayes is not the first character to be named after another character. Let’s take a look.

  • Douglas is named after his late paternal great-grandmother, Stephanie.
  • Steffy is named after her grandmother, Stephanie.
  • Rick is named after his father, Eric.
  • Bridget is named after her mother Brooke and stepfather Ridge.
  • Kelly is named after her paternal grandmother, Kelly Hopkins.
  • Liam and Will were named after their father, Bill and paternal grandfather, Bill Snr.
  • Bill is named after his father, Bill Snr.
  • RJ is named his father, Ridge.
  • Caroline was named after her late aunt, Caroline.
  • Lizzy and Beth were named after their great-grandmother, Beth Logan.
  • Logan was named after his grandmother, Brooke.

Quinn Gets Into A Heated Argument With Paris Which Brooke Overhears

While Steffy is giving birth to little Hayes, Quinn believes that the vow renewal is the ticket to saving her splintering marriage. After Shauna leaves the room, Paris enters and once again tries to get her to come clean about her affair with Carter.

We all know how Quinn operates. She doesn’t like anybody telling her what to do or putting her in her place. She brings up the portrait over the mantle so much that it’s getting really annoying. We mentioned a while ago that Paris is getting a lot more screentime. Not to mention, Shauna was forced to lie to everyone and say she was the one having the fling with Carter in order to protect Quinn’s hide.

While Shauna is loyal to Quinn, she also has never lied to Flo about anything. When Paris told Flo about her mother, Flo laughed it off as Shauna would’ve told her bout her hookup with Carter. She had every right to be surprised because of who her mother is.

Going back to the conversation between Quinn and Paris, the so-called ‘matriarch’ of the Forrester family tells her colleague to leave and that she will not say another word to anyone about the affair. Now, we all know what Paris is like. She is like a dog with a bone who will not give it up. Not to mention, she has been hiding the secret from Zoe for weeks.

The last thing Paris wants is for her sister to get hurt, but she was stopped from speaking out by Quinn and Carter. Brooke, who has gone upstairs overhears some of the conversation, but not all of it. When Quinn leaves the room, Brooke is forced to hide. Once the coast is clear, she enters the bedroom to confront Paris.

Quinn Wants To Hide The Affair Like It Never Happened

What makes Quinn the worst woman to be Eric’s wife, is how she inserts herself into other people’s business. Yes, Brooke has done this too, but she has always a reason that is justifiable. Quinn, on the other hand, does not. For example, when Steffy arrived back in Los Angeles all those years ago, she wanted Wyatt to be with Hope so she schemed to get Ridge and Taylor’s daughter back with Liam. Another example is when she indirectly made Hope trip down a flight whilst pregnant with Wyatt’s child, making her miscarry.

There is a reason why Hope did NOT want her then-mother-in-law anywhere near her. We cannot say we blame her. Quinn has a destructive habit of getting in too deep1. If she is told ‘no’, she doesn’t listen and just makes the situation much worse.

Going over to her affair with Carter, while she was lonely and trying to do Zoe a favour, she should’ve realised that everything would go to hell if it got out. After all, it just shows what a bad friend she is to Zoe. Also, Quinn might feel that she has total control over the situation, but she doesn’t. All she does is bully others into doing her bidding.

From a viewer’s perspective, Quinn’s behaviour was always going to be called out. It didn’t have to be Brooke. It could’ve been anyone who had overheard. Though, it makes more sense for it to be the actual Forrester matriarch because of her hatred for Eric’s wife. She has been looking for proof to present to Eric for a while and finally, she has ammunition that Quinn can’t deny.

No matter how often Brooke tries to tell Eric that Quinn is the devil incarnate, he won’t listen. He is still drawn to her.

It Was Always Going To Blow Up In Their Faces

Quinn and Carter were arguing at one point as to whether they should tell people, in order to relieve their guilty consciences. They decide against it and want to put it behind them. Then, Shauna gets involved by saying she is the one sleeping with the COO when Zoe sees the jacket she saw on the floor of the bedroom when she walked in.

The jewellery designer believes she is the smartest person in the world. She should know by now that Brooke is very protective of Eric and his happiness. As is Ridge and the rest of the family. But no. She just likes the lifestyle Eric provides for her. She claims to love him, but we all know the truth. We really applaud Rena Sofer for playing a massive nutjob.

What made us laugh is was Flo and Wyatt’s reactions to the truth coming out.

Flo looked like she was ready to murder Shauna and poor Wyatt was doing everything in his power not to scream profanities at Queen.

So, going over to next week, Paris is FINALLY going to tell Zoe about what has been going on and this will lead to the model’s departure. Also, Eric is really going to lay down the law with Quinn. Will they divorce? We sure hope so! Please Bold writers, put him back with Donna! She’s always been the Logan sister who can land a guy for the long term.

An Update On The Thomas And Justin Sitch

Finally, we come to the part of the post we promised at the start. Thomas is in a spot of trouble after being knocked out and locked up by Dollar Bill’s lawyer, Justin. Going into next week’s episodes, a couple of days will have passed since anyone has seen him. Hope and Ridge become concerned when neither of them has heard from him.

This will likely be a few days after little Hayes’ birth and after the trainwreck of Eric and Quinn’s vow renewal. Hope will find a clue that will result in her following Justin and where she finds Thomas locked up in the basement of Spencer Publications. Though, the deranged lawyer man will try to throw her off the scent.

The promo for the next week, as per @hopebethspencer on Instagram also shows that Ridge questions Justin as he was the last person to see his son. Also, spoilers say that Wyatt is beginning to get the sense something isn’t right when it comes to the lawyer’s legal strategy to get Bill and Liam out of prison.

So, will Hope get Thomas out of his prison before Justin returns? Will they get the evidence to Baker before Liam is transferred? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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