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Baby Beth Is Not Your Child, Steffy! – A Bold And The Beautiful Opinion

Baby Beth

Baby Beth is finally home with her parents! Her (illegally) adoptive mother didn’t want to give her up.

The last two weeks have served a massive blow to Forrester heiress, Steffy. Her adopted daughter, Phoebe, who turned out be baby Beth, got taken back by her birth parents. However, Ridge’s daughter put up a fight.

Who tells a grieving parent who just found out her daughter is still alive she can ‘kind of a mother’ to the infant when she gave birth? Steffy, that’s who! Another level of cruelty towards Hope.

Not Personal Property

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We understand you love her as you raised her for eight months, but you don’t own her. She isn’t a car or a helicopter! Crying to your daddy won’t get you what you want. Hope is her mother, and she thought her tot was dead when you had her unknowingly. Alarm bells should have gone off when your loony mother’s contact didn’t want their name attached to the adoption.

Sure, Steffy was a victim in Reese’s scam. But the Logan heiress takes second place. She suffered horribly because of the swap and no one would be happy either way when the truth came out.

No Such Thing As Pure

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No character on Bold and the Beautiful is innocent. Don’t get us started on all the cray-cray stuff. While Steffy considers herself God’s gift to the universe, she already has a child: Kelly! Doesn’t she realise how miserable her stepsister was without Beth?

Hope spent months grieving. Her infant was under her nose the whole time. We were all happy for her, but why couldn’t Steffy? Oh, yeah, that’s right. She was trying not to lose the perfect family she’d created.

What About Your Own Daughter?

Also, does Steffy not consider Kelly? She goes on about Phoebe but never mentions her older little one. Ridge’s offspring also holds her youngest more than she does her eldest.

Liam sired two little girls with two different women. His loyalties are to both of them because his daughters are biological half-sisters. For anyone who says ‘No, he doesn’t love Hope. He should be with Steffy. They are HOT together.’ If you discovered your spouse cheated on you with your parent, you’d disown them too.

There’s a lot of facts why Bill’s son has always chosen Hope. He was with her FIRST! They got together before Steffy almost drowned in the bath. If she hadn’t nearly died, she wouldn’t have obsessed over him. She’s not the only Forrester to fall for someone forbidden.

Blame The Earlier Generation

The Forresters blame everyone but themselves for their own mistakes. Eric isn’t like that and neither are Thorne, Kristen, Felicia, and Bridget. Rick, we question given some of his stunts. 

Sure, Thomas has a load of mental issues. Steffy couldn’t help going to Bill and sleeping with him but she wrecked her own marriage. For all we know, the Spencer patriarch might still be Kelly’s father.

We’re Team Common Sense. We’re not Team Hope or Steffy. We don’t believe in picking sides. With the swap, the story gave Hope a chance to shine where the paternity storyline served as Steffy’s. 

Focus On Your Own

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Our point is, Steffy doesn’t need another child to be happy. She needs to wake up and consider Kelly. Hope was right to snap at her and said she wasn’t Beth’s babysitter and she wasn’t Steffy’s surrogate. She was her mama. Beth needed to be with her birth parents when she was unlawfully stolen.

Steffy should focus on the baby she gave birth to while letting Hope and Liam focus on Beth. She needs to realise that her life isn’t perfect. Yes, Kelly is Liam’s (for now) but he has another family.

Liam isn’t a womaniser like Bill or Ridge. He knows where his loyalties lay. He wants Hope as his forever partner while still being a dad to Kelly. He’ll always love Steffy as she’s the mother of Kelly but his heart doesn’t belong to her. It has from the start so the Steffy fans need to shut up and take the story for all it’s worth.

Also, the one thing that we hate is Steffy is always running to Ridge when her life gets too unbearable. Has anyone ever noticed that she no longer leaves the house unless she has to take Kelly to the doctor? Yeah, we’re aware Jacqueline MacInnes Wood was on maternity leave. She’s not the same independent woman as before Kelly’s birth. 

Taking Advantage Of A Grieving Mother


She supported Hope’s relationship with Thomas despite seeing how miserable she was. If she cared about her stepsister, she would’ve told her to take back Liam and not taken advantage of Hope’s fragile mind to prompt her to want Liam living with them. She chose herself and doesn’t need a man to complete her life.

Steffy fans give Hope a bad rap because they see her as a clone of Brooke. Steffy perfectly combines her parents who do whatever it takes to make themselves look good. She takes whatever she pleases, even a mourning mother’s happiness. She’s innocent of not knowing Phoebe was Beth, but she’s guilty of trying to keep a child from her true parents.

If Kelly had been kidnapped at birth, how would your precious Steffy function? She would be heartbroken. 

Hope thought she’d failed to give Liam a child they could call their own. In her mind, losing a second baby meant she wasn’t supposed to be a mother.

If Steffy had found out that Kelly was alive, she would’ve fought to get her back. The heiress isn’t to blame for Hope and Liam’s misery. The only crime she ‘committed’ was falling in love with an illegally adopted little girl. 

Drama Serves Its Purpose


Whatever comes next in this baby-napping saga will drum the drama up to an eleven. Reese and Flo have both been arrested, Zoe and Xander both got fired as models. Thomas is still on the loose. He’s also unstable as he wants Hope.

As for Steffy, she’d better watch herself. If she’s around Beth, she’ll want her back and it’ll cause a war with Hope. If she got involved too soon after Beth back, it will get messy real quick.

Steffy fans can call Hope whatever they want. This storyline might be terrible, but it serves a purpose. It shows some people go through these events in reality.

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