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Babes Against Bullshit: The Idiocy Of Jake Paul

Jake Paul

If you don’t follow all the stupid dramas that YouTube has to offer, then this post probably isn’t for you. Heck, I don’t know what motivated me to write it but whatever. The reason we’re here is because Jake Paul is currently trending on Twitter. Now, if you know who this guy is, you’ll know he’s been involved in so many controversies that it makes my ears bleed. The guy just doesn’t know when to quit being just a moron. Even his older brother, Logan called him for getting involved in looting during the Black Lives Matter protests.

Jake Paul has been in trouble so many times that even his own fans are tired of it. YouTuber Commentator, D’Angelo Wallace did a two part series on the Paul brothers. In his analysis of the youngest of the two, he concluded that Jake was far worse than Logan. I’ve embedded the video so you don’t need to click the link.

Jake Paul And His World Views

So, what kind of person is Jake Paul? From what D’Angelo Wallace discovered, he dropped out of high school to follow his big brother and college dropout, Logan to the big leagues of like LA… cannot remember where he wanted to lead a life of a famous YouTuber.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with dropping out of school. A load of famous people have done it and have succeed. I don’t have anything against that, but it’s Jake Paul so anything is possible.

So, the reason I wanted to write this is because of an interview he did where he said that he voted for President Trump during the Presidential election. When I see an American celebrity trending, I don’t automatically think about who they supported. Not my business. According this interview or part of it – as it was posted from a screenshot on Twitter that Jake Paul thinks that COVID-19 is a ‘Hoax’ and that 98% of the news is fake.

[Credit: @fuckmarrywill – Twitter]

Jake Paul has always had more controversial than Logan because he thinks his large following will get him out of trouble. Sure, his brother had the whole Japanese Suicide Forrest situation which was disgusting, but there’s always been more rules broken with the younger sibling.

At least, Logan doesn’t loot shops and get raided by the FBI. He also doesn’t marry his ‘girlfriend’ for clout and clicks.

The Fake Marriage To Tana Mongeau

One of the stupidest things I have ever seen when it comes to Jake Paul is his fake wedding to fellow YouTuber Tana Mongeau. She’s basically a female version of both Jake and Logan. In a nutshell, she got famous because she could. No real reason behind it.

Now, there is no doubt that Jake and Tana were going to pull one of the stupidest stunts in their young lives. Get married in Vegas and than profit from the poor quality live stream of their quote-unquote nuptials. It was never even legal. Then, they broke up (go figure) and Mongeau went on one date with ‘former brother-in-law’ Logan.

Neither Jake Paul or Tana Mongeau are marriage material. They trash the idea of COVID-19 being real for what reason? They don’t appear to care about the welfare of others and just want to flaunt their wealth.

Jake Paul Denies Saying COVID-19 Is A Hoax

Jake Paul is a liar. A journalist named Marlow Stern recorded him saying that COVID is a hoax. The original audio file which he uploaded to SoundCloud has been removed. Though, he reposted it to Twitter. However, he [Jake] has said he never said that the pandemic is fake.

According to an article from The Verge, they questioned him about this and asked if his thoughts on the pandemic were apart of marketing.

The YouTuber bluntly alleges that the journalist ‘misquoted’ him. First off, no he didn’t. The audio recording was not edited. If it were, you’d be able to hear the cuts. I’ve seen how this is done as I studied film at university and a couple of the classes I took were audio based.

The one thing that bugs me with people like Jake Paul is that these COVID deniers refer to the virus as being like the common flu. It’s not. You normally recover from a regular cold without the fear of potential scarring to your lungs.

However, Jake Paul was right about one thing, the flu has killed people. But not thousands at a time like he suggests in the interview Millions of people have fought the virus for almost a full year with 1.45Million deaths while over 39.8 million have recovered.

This stems into the whole Jake Paul hates the media thing. He claims – as we’ve said before that he believes 98% of the news is fake. No wonder he’s a Trump supporter.

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