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Babes Against Bullshit: If Trump Gets Back Into Office – There Should Be A Redo Of The Election

Considering I am not American, I should not be sharing my opinion on the US election. However, I cannot keep my annoyance at bay for another second. For four years, I have watched the news hoping that President Trump could change his stripes. Turned out I was very wrong. There was no hope that he would think about his country instead of his rich friends or those of the sam pedigree as him. If he wins, there should be a redo.

Having a redo election would allow people to think about what he has said about the ‘fraud’ that is going on with the votes that are still being counted if what the Guardian says is true. Everything that is being done is 100% legal! He can’t just say “Oh, the result is rigged! I’m going to the supreme court to have it pushed in my favor.” Sorry, Trump but it doesn’t work that way. You’ve been president for four years. How could you not understand that when people vote, there are several ways to do it. You do not get to dictate how it works.

So what if you’re the president? You do not get the right to tell the American people whether their vote counts or not. You’re a sore loser who doesn’t want to face the possibility of defeat. Believing you are invincible only shows who you really are.

When I say redo the election, I mean everything. Campaigning from the Democrats focused mostly on Trump’s inability to get the coronavirus under control. He has said that the pandemic will go away on its own and that the country’s numbers are going down; they’re not. They are going up. Look at the facts rather than making something up.

Trump Has No Respect

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Another reason I say there should be an election redo if Trump gets back in to the White House is because he has zero respect for anyone who calls him out on his bullshit. For example, he took a dig at Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex and wished her husband, Prince Harry luck.

All the man cares about is shaping America into a hellhole where the lower class Americans are forced out on the streets while the rich loom over them in their ivory towers and pelt them with fruit, so to speak. This is not the behaviour of a president. He is not the person to sit in the Oval Office. Biden is on track to win the presidency and there is nothing Trump can do to stop it.

The man has no respect for the armed forces as he called them ‘losers’. Is this this the type of person the American people want to lead their country? Someone who sees anyone who has sacrificed their lives for their nation as nothing more than an idiot? No. Biden respects the servicemen and women of America not just because he had a son who served, but because he understands what it means to honour those who have fallen.

Redo Would Be The Best Way To Determine Whether Trump Is Fit For Office

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As I’ve said before, a redo would put a lot of people’s minds at ease if Trump is re-elected. What makes this thought so appealing if that a lot of people have woken up to what happened n 2016, when the current POTUS was elected. It was obvious that many didn’t like the idea of woman (Hillary Clinton) in the White House or the fact that her husband was once president and he had that affair while in office.

Hillary is not her husband however, Trump jumped the gun and got in because he had Russia interfere. If he does get his precious re-election, he is only going to allow more people to die from the coronavirus. The numbers are not going down. They’re going up. Just look at the results the news is reporting everyday.

A redo of the Trump votes would show that the man is not fit for office. Even most of his own party want him out of the White House.

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