It Was Stupid To Axe Australian News Services From Facebook To Begin With!


The axe is being pulled up on Facebook’s ban of Australian News Services…

Facebook has decided to reverse its decision to axe some Australian news services from its platform, according to the Australian Financial Review. Can we be the last say that it was a stupid idea to begin with to cut these services! The social media giant even went one step further and dropped charities and government services too… during the middle of a pandemic.

All the bigwigs at Facebook care about is money! Journalists are losing income because their work isn’t being posted to the platform which generates news organisations hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

Google has also threatened to remove news services too. These platforms garner millions if not billions of dollars a year. Shouldn’t they be happy that people are using them look up the news? Now we will be pretend we know anything about what the actual hell is going on with this drama. You know what this reminds us of? The Sony-Marvel-Studios-Disney drama that went on for like a month regarding the film rights to Spider-Man. Thank you to Tom Holland for drunkingly saving it.

Anyway, back to the actual topic of this post. It doesn’t surprise us in the slightest that it would be some review on whether news content could be shown again. If Mark Zuckerberg could axe it then he can strike a deal with Josh Frydenberg.

To end this post, should people have started the Twitter hashtag #deletefacebook? Ahh…yeah, they should have. It would’ve been the only to get a deal through. Though, we still think that Facebook is being greedy. Finally, we don’t get why news content wasn’t axed from Instagram too since Facebook owns Instagram. Urgh! Whatever. As long as new content comes back in some degree, we’re not really complaining.

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