What Is Believed To Have Happened On Harry And Meghan’s Australia Tour

Australia Tour

What allegedly happened during Harry and Meghan’s Australia Tour?

The Australia Tour was meant to be a massive highlight for royal fans to get to see the down-to-earth nature of the then-newly minted Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. However, since the event occurred in 2018, rumours and speculation have trickled out into the public. While people have been quick to dismiss it as fake, the information of the couple’s behaviour has resurfaced.

Meghan is being accused of bullying by former Kensington Palace staff that worked for her and Harry over the course of the two years they worked for The Queen. Now, before we begin, the information presented in this post is purely speculative and may not necessarily be accurate or true. Also, before all you Sugars who might be reading this cry foul, we are simply presenting alleged facts as we find them. We are NOT attacking Meghan or Harry.

What Occurred During The Stay At Admiralty House?

So, much of the information came from Admiralty House and people who either saw what happened or were told by someone who was there. We discovered most of this Intel on Quora in a post by Agueda Sanchez. Anything additional comes from HarrysGreySuit on Twitter.

To begin, we’re going to break it down into sections because it’s going to be long as almost everything that happens regarding the Sussexes’ behaviour on the Australia Tour happens at Admiralty House.

Full Blown Hissy Fit Over Not Getting The Entire House

It is believed that Meghan threw a fit when she was told she and Harry were to occupy a single wing of Admiralty House. She wanted the whole house. Like, you’re only going to be there a night or two so why do you want the entire place?

Treatment Of Staff And Lady Cosgrove

Now, this next point is actually two-in-one as it isn’t worth having them separated.

According to what has been said, Meghan treated a lot of the staff like total garbage. She was only nice to the attractive staff. This caused Harry a lot of embarrassment and he was always apologising for her behaviour.

When Lynne, Lady Cosgrove found out what was going on, she confronted Meghan and told her off in the nicest possible way. All Markle did was scream at her and say, “Do you know who the fuck I am?!” or something similar to that.

It got to the point where the staff had to pick and choose who worked with Meghan. She also spoke down to them, like they were rocks under her feet.

Editor’s Note: We saw something that we’re not sure we believe, but we’ll add it anyway. This comes from Agueda Sanchez on Quora.

Apparently, when the staff went to clean Meghan’s room, they found what looked like a fake baby bump. Also, they were not allowed to help her with her clothing. Jessica Mulroney was the only one allowed in the room. It needs to be noted that just because something that resembled a moon bump was found, doesn’t mean her pregnancy with Archie was faked. They [Agueda] point out that some expectant mothers wear them to take better photos. Finally, this might’ve been why the Sussexes had that massive blow up.

Jessica Mulroney

Meghan’s BFF and stylist Jessica Mulroney accompanied the Sussexes Down Under. However, Markle’s behaviour wasn’t much better with her bestie with her. Apparently, they wanted to ‘holiday’ and ‘sight-see’. Basically, they wanted the ‘rock star’ tour rather than one that is for work and a ‘free holiday’.

Mrs Mulroney and the Duchess wouldn’t do any ‘tour crap’.

The Infamous Tea Throwing Incident

One of the most famous tantrums Meghan threw was at how a cup of tea didn’t taste right and she threw it at a staff member. It is alleged that the staffer was paid to keep silent and ended up with an apology.

Banana Bread

Australia Tour
[Credit: Metro]

Allegedly, there was a situation with the banana bread that was presented at a morning tea. Apparently, Meghan ordered the kitchen staff to bake it and she screamed at them when it wasn’t to her liking. She made them go out in the dead of night to get ingredients. Also, she made them do several batches until it was to how she wanted it.

Fights With Harry

So much for being happily in love and newlyweds. From what has been said, Meghan got into massive fights with Harry. He questioned whether she was pregnant and was upset that she had announced the pregnancy the way she had. Though, it’s unclear if he was talking about Eugenie’s wedding which had occurred days before or when they landed in Sydney.

They slept in seperate bedrooms.

Originally, Harry was meant to be the only one doing the Australia tour. Meghan joined at the last minute and events had to be changed to accommodate her.

Away From Admiralty House

Fit Over Not Doing The Harbour Bridge Climb

It is claimed that Meghan got upset and threw yet another tantrum because she was stopped from doing the Harbour Bridge Climb with Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Harry because she was pregnant. She wanted to do it and didn’t care if she was expectant or not.

The Situation In The Fiji Marketplace

Away from Australia and there was a situation where Meghan was ushered quickly out of the marketplace in Fiji. We’ve spoken about one version of events where she didn’t want to be seen by UN Women, the charity she had worked with and later, discarded. This is the same alleged incident where she hissed at an aide and made her cry.

The second version was that the situation was staged by Meghan and Jessica Mulroney so they could go sight seeing.

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