Chronicles of Harkle

Chronicles of Harkle: When Your Audience Doesn’t Know Or Care Who You Are

When it comes to the British Royal Family, people from all around the world sit up and take notice. However, it seems that the intended audience that Harry and Meghan are trying to rally to their causes seem to be of one of two minds. The first being, they don’t know who they are while the second don’t care. This is the vibe I’ve gotten from two events they’ve participated in since leaving the ‘toxic’ royal family.

I thought it might be just a fluke, but now I’ve come to realise that when it comes to Harry and Meghan, they create predictable patterns. Going onto the topic of this Chronicles of Harkle post, in August 2020, the Sussexes visited a preschool to commemorate the anniversary of Princess Diana’s death.

This happened during the height of the coronavirus pandemic that is still going on now. Parents of the children who attended the school weren’t happy. They weren’t notified and were mystified as to why they themselves couldn’t walk in with their kids in the morning while two total strangers could.

Then last week, Harry and Meghan got in on the poetry action and ‘gatecrashed’ an online poetry class for teenagers. Let’s just say the kids were either totally bored, didn’t care, or were thinking “Who the hell are these people?” No doubt the couple wanted to copy Amanda Gorman, an African-American poet who rose to fame last month when she did a poetry reading at the Inauguration of US President Joe Biden, becoming the youngest person in United States history to do so. Now, SHE is a true feminist.

Bandwagon Jumping Or Legitimately Interested?

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As I mentioned before, Harry and Meghan have a habit of jumping on bandwagons to make themselves seem caring and more relevant than what they actually are. They’re predictable. When a cause becomes worldwide news, they get onboard, regardless if they know anything about it.

The poetry class is no different. The same applies to the preschool visit which we’ll get to in a moment. Right now though, take a look at the reaction Harry and Meghan had to their ‘impromptu’ virtual drop in. Most of the kids aren’t amused and don’t care who these two freeloaders are. All these students want is to learn.

[Credit: BBC]

Another thing I need to point out is that with Zoom calls, you can’t just ‘crash’ a session. You need to be accepted into the chat. The teacher of the class would have had to give the OK for Harry and Meghan to enter the conversation. It’s like accepting or decline a regular phone call.

Sorry, but I need to ask if Meghan and Harry are trying to build an audience younger than 18? The last time they tried this was with the preschool kids which brings me to my next point.

Why the hell would Meghan and Harry try to create an audience that is not made up of adults? Is it because children and teenagers are more easily persuaded? The likelihood of that is possibly. They know that people 18 and over mostly know who they are and can’t stand them whereas the younger generation might not be familiar.

It’s manipulation at its finest! Harry and Meghan don’t care about the poetry. All they want is the audience to hang on their every word.

The Criticised Preschool Visit

[Credit: The Mirror]

In late August 2020, Harry and Meghan visited a preschool to commemorate the death of Princess Diana where they planted Forget-Me-Nots which were her favourite flower. However, their ‘impromptu’ visit was met with criticism from the parents of the children who attended the school.

As I stated earlier, the visit took place at the height of the Coronavirus pandemic in Los Angeles. Parents weren’t allowed to walk in with their kids or take them something they’d forgotten. They questioned as to why two total strangers were allowed to just show up when they, the actual parents, weren’t.

I would love to know the same thing. Also, the parents weren’t told of the visit until after it had happened. Anything could have happened. For all the adults knew, Meghan and Harry could’ve had the virus and given it to their children.

The school jumped the gun because they were being given the chance to show the world that two ‘royals’ had been to their establishment. However, the whole thing backfired and they were called out for it. They should’ve put the safety and well-being of the students first.

All Harry and Meghan are and will always be are interlopers who want the world to bow down and worship them. They will never end up on the throne though they would in Markle’s fantasy.

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