Young Man Attempts To Assassinate The Queen In Retaliation For 1919 Massacre


A 19-year-old man is sitting in a prison cell for attempting the assassination of Her Majesty The Queen. According to the BBC, the Police are now investigating the attempt on the monarch’s life. A video was released of the teenager wielding a crossbow on social media. The youth, going by the moniker Darth Jones – in reference to Darth Vader voice actor, James Earl Jones – is being treated in accordance with the mental health act.

Despite being of age, we will not be mentioning the teenager’s name in this post. He was caught after a security camera caught him after he’d scaled a fence at Windsor Castle on Christmas Day. Her Majesty was at the residence, as were various members of the royal family. They’ve been informed of what took place.

The assassination attempt is thought to be in retaliation for the 1919 Jallianwala Bagh massacre, according to Yaron Steinbuch of Page Six. Furthermore, the young man is using a century-old assassination as an excuse to commit a crime. Her Majesty was born in 1926 which is seven years after the slaughter happened. Again, he is incredibly unwell. Moreover, this is not us being critical of him but an observation.

A quick look into the massacre and the Indian population became distrustful of Britain’s power over India. It also caused the British army to rethink how they handled crowd control.

The man’s father said, according to Newsweek’s Jack Royston, that his son will receive assistance. What’s more, is having a crossbow is not a crime in Britain. What is troubling is the detained man mentioned that he wanted revenge for racial injustice. What does this have to do with The Queen? She has always respected other nationalities.

THEORY: Assassination Attempt In Relation To Comments Made By Sussexes?

Now, we want to say that this is a theory we saw earlier today when we saw the story about the assassination attempt. We do NOT believe this to be true, but we thought we’d add it here. We’ve looked through Twitter, and we can’t find it again.

The would-be assassin in the video mentions that he was seeking vengeance for racial injustice. This is mentioned in Yaron Steinbuch’s article linked above. Now, this does not necessarily mean Harry and Meghan. The boy could be brainwashed with propaganda from extremists. We don’t know the circumstances, but the kid is mentally ill and needs urgent treatment. Given his target was Her Majesty, he could’ve been acting for anyone who hates the monarchy and the royals as a whole.

Harry and Meghan have cried victimhood since before they got engaged. They’ve called the following racists:

  • The world’s media
  • The entire royal family (exempting The Queen and Prince Philip).
  • The public, especially those who don’t believe them.

Could the attempted assassin have wanted to do something in the Sussexes’ name?

In conclusion, we’re not here to speculate on something that isn’t true. If it were, it would be all over the media, and we don’t believe it for a second.

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