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Arrowverse: New Seasons To Air In 2021

There’s a lot of new information involving the Arrowverse shows on the CW and we’re going to unpack what we have.

Yeah, we know. We’re a few days late with this information. There’s just been so much going on that we haven’t had the time to publish anything about it until we watched Pagey’s latest video on the Superman & Lois castings. So, what are we covering in today? Well, we wanted to go over why the upcoming Arrowverse seasons have been pushed back to 2021.


A lot of film and television productions around the world have been placed on hold given the coronavirus and how quickly it spreads. Some projects have returned, but most are on hold until a large portion of the threat has eased.

Given the shows being put on lockdown or being placed on indefinite hiatus, this has resulted with the release dates being pushed back as they might not be able to meet their original premiere dates and deadlines.

New Schedules For Pushed Back Shows

Most of the already airing Arrowverse shows have been pushed back to early 2021 at the earliest. Rumour has it that production won’t begin until August as Pagey stated in his video linked above. The schedule now is as follows in the following Tweet:

Now you’ve probably noticed that Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow are missing from the lineup. It’s unclear why LoT isn’t on the schedule but there’s a specific why Supergirl isn’t there.

The series’ star, Melissa Benoist is currently pregnant with her first baby. Originally, the plan was going to be some of her early scenes in the upcoming season to be filmed before they go on break. However, when production got shut down, this plan was pushed back.

So, what does this mean? Will we get the new season at the same time as The Flash, Batwoman, and Superman and Lois? Probably not and here’s why. Melissa will need time off to bond with her child before she can even consider going back to work. Sure, her husband Chris will be able to watch the infant, but he’s also got work too.

According to a report from CBR, the series will return in mid-2021. This means the series will be out of sync with the other Arrowverse shows.

What’s Going To Happen With The Annual Crossover Event?

There was a crossover planned for 2020, but given everything has been pushed back, there is no event this year. However, there will a small one in 2021, but not all the shows will be involved.

According to Deadline, a crossover will take place involving Batwoman and Superman and Lois. However, characters from the other shows will pop in and out of the two hour event. This will serve as the first crossover the newest Arrowverse addition participates in despite Clark, Lois and their son Jonathan having appeared in Elseworlds and Crisis on Infinite Earths.

We don’t expect Supergirl to be in the event for the reasons we stated above, but other characters might take her place.


As unfair as it might seem, the safety of the cast and crew is what is most important. If they go back too early there could be a massive spike in Coronavirus cases and their hiatus will have been for nothing. Also, we need to think about the cast and crew and how it will affect them going forward.

Yes, it’s frustrating that our favourites won’t be back for almost a whole year, but the coronavirus isn’t going to take a break. We need to remain vigilant that nothing else is pushed back further.

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