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Arrowverse News: Crisis On Infinite Earths Is Coming In 2019

Crisis on Infinite Earths 2019

[Article contains spoilers for Elseworlds crossover]

It’s the event that has been teased since The Flash Season 1. Now, Crisis On Infinite Earths is coming…

The Elseworlds crossover ended with a bang. Deegan was defeated and thrown into Arkham Asylum. Now, it looks like our favorite heroes will have a much larger battle on their hands in 2019.

2019’s Arrowverse Crossover was teased at the end of the Supergirl episode of Elseworlds. A pissed off Batwoman (Ruby Rose) rings Oliver (Stephen Amell) asking if Deegan was secure. Queen, confused, asked why she’d ask. Gotham’s lady caped crusader tells him Deegan’s made a friend at Arkham.

Elsewhere, the camera cuts from Kate on her rooftop perch to inside Arkham Asylum, we see Deegan sitting again the wall of his cell. We hear a voice before it’s revealed to be Psycho Pirate talking. The episode ends with the words Crisis on Infinite Earths fall 2019. Oddly enough, the text used for the announcement is the same style that was used for last year’s Crisis on Earth-X crossover.

Nora Was Onto Something…

With everything going on in the Arrowverse recently, we knew Crisis on Infinite Earths would come. It appears to be Nora West-Allen (Jessica Parker Kennedy)’s greatest fear. Her father, Barry (Grant Gustin) disappears in a crisis and isn’t seen again. 

Barry’s disappearance in a crisis event stems back to The Flash Season 1 when Reverse-Flash is found to have a newspaper article that mentions this event. The article is written by Barry’s wife, Iris West-Allen in 2024. Things have changed since Season 1. However, Nora shows her family a similar article from the same period, but there are changes. Meanwhile, the changes mentioned Batwoman entering the fight where she wasn’t referenced before.

It’s possible we’ll get Psycho Pirate again due to the role he plays in the comic book storyline. However, we probably won’t see Superman and Lois since they’re having a baby. In conclusion, more on that in my next article. It’s been a long time coming. Cannot wait to for next year’s crossover.

Crisis on Infinite Earths will air autumn 2019. 

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