Arrowverse: 6 Reasons We Don’t Need Another Superman Television Show

He’s called the Man of Steel for a reason, but reports from Forbes say Superman may get his own series inside the Arrowverse. However, there’s a catch: the show about Supes’s cousin, Supergirl needs to get canceled.

This rumour tied in with axing speculation towards Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. Part of the bruit came to fruition when the announcement came the Emerald Archer was bowing out after the upcoming 10-episode 8th Season. So far, there’s no confirmation Supergirl and Legends are going anywhere.

Now, onto the reason, we’re here. Fans have loved seeing Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman in Supergirl and in 2018’s Elseworlds crossover, but should he get his own television series? Here are six reasons he shouldn’t.

1. Takes Away The Definition Of ‘Arrowverse’

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When the Arrowverse began in 2012 with Arrow, fans got to experience a series about a character people didn’t know much about unless they’d read the comics. The show moved away from the bigger DC characters like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

Since then, the flagship spawned two other shows, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Both mediums highlight individuals that are underrated in DC Comics. Sure, there’s been references of certain characters that haven’t appeared but doesn’t mean they should pop in for a visit.

If Superman were to have his own series, it takes away the meaning of the Arrowverse. Because he is one of DC’s favourite sons, he would overshadow the other heroes.

2. Too Many TV Shows

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Superman as a character has had many retellings over the years. He’s had more films than he has television series and if he were to receive another show, it would only add to the list.

Currently, Superman has featured in the following:

  • Lois and Clark with Dean Cain
  • Smallville with Tom Welling
  • Superman (1941 cartoon)
  • Superman: The Animated Series
  • Super Friends (Animated 1973 – 1985)
  • The New Batman/Superman Adventures (Animated)
  • Superman (1988)
  • The New Adventures of Superman (1966-1970)
  • The Batman/Superman Hour (1968-1969)

What’s great about the way Supergirl is written, they can bring Kal-El in when they need him. The show is about Supergirl and they don’t overuse Clark’s name. Sure, his best friend James Olsen, J’onn J’onzz, Kara, and other characters mention him, but he only appears when the situation requires him.

3. Too Many Kryptonians

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While Supes is one of the most recognisable alien characters in DC Comics history, there’s just too many Kryptonian characters in the Arrowverse as it is. We’ve got Kara, Alura and we’ve seen Astra, Non, Jinah Kol Rozz, Selena and Reign just to name to a few.

If Superman were to get his own show in the Arrowverse, he would be just another Kryptonian who has appeared and the franchise already has too many Kryptonian characters.

4. Not Another Male Lead Character 


While the Arrowverse was built around Oliver Queen and Barry Allen, what happened to women paving the way for a more diverse universe? We’re not being sexist here. All we’re saying is, the franchise needs to have another show were the lead character is a woman. Yes, we have Batwoman coming but we don’t know whether the series will actually be greenlit after the pilot. 

Kara is the only female DC character who has a television series of her own. Yes, Legends of Tomorrow has three female main characters, four if you count Gideon. But, it’s not the same as having a woman running the show like Kara does on Supergirl.

If Clark does get his own show, it takes away the chance for say, Lois to shine. Wouldn’t it be cool for Lois to have her own show and Clark serves as a secondary main character? I’d watch that for sure!

5. Whatever Happened To Non-Super Powered Heroes?

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One of the best things about the Arrowverse is how there is a mix of powered and non-powered superheroes. The Green Arrow isn’t superpowered while The Flash has super speed. Supergirl has powers while White Canary doesn’t and so on.

If Superman were to get his own show, it would only tip the balance the Arrowverse has with its heroes. He has the same powers as Kara but isn’t as strong as her as he’s stated. Isn’t it time for other characters who don’t have superpowers to shine? Look at Batwoman for example. She’s like her own cousin, Bruce Wayne. Not one single superpower and she still manages to protect Gotham in Batman’s absence.

6. A Copy Of His Cousin’s Show And Previous Media

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Having Superman on television is nothing new as we’ve already stated. However, if a Superman series were to go ahead, it would basically be a copy of Supergirl. Many of the Superman comicbook storylines have been covered in Supergirl. The Girl of Steel’s series is currently covering the Red Son Elseworlds storyline but with a gender-swap where it’s now Red Daughter.

If it were to happen, it would likely taken place prior to Supergirl where James Olsen was still working at the Daily Planet with Clark and Lois. Basically, Jimmy would serve as Alex, Winn, Lena, and J’onn rolled into one as the best friend, confidente and sidekick to the Man of Steel.

Not to mention, a Superman Arrowverse show would be a copy of all the Superman shows and media from the past. It would explain his past as being put in an escape pod by his birth parents before Krypton explodes and he’s found by Ma and Pa Kent and raised as their son.


Superman is a big character and Tyler Hoechlin is great as the Man of Steel. His reoccuring presence in the Arrowverse is welcoming, but not on a full time basis. Having his own show would only strip the franchise [the Arrowverse] of its identity of putting lesser known characters in the spotlight.

You guys may disagree me and say Superman would be a perfect addition to the Arrowverse. But, just consider what I’m saying. If you’re a true Arrowverse fan, consider what the franchise means to overrall DCTV community and how having the big blue boy scout in his own show means.

Be sure to voice your opinions below! It would mean a lot to hear your thoughts on the subject.

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