Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow


The first show in the Arrowverse, Arrow tells the story of spoilt billionaire playboy, Oliver Queen.

Oliver’s life changed when he ended up shipwrecked on Lian Yu. His fling, Sara Lance was presumed drowned when the ship sunk. His father, Robert killed himself so Oliver could survive. Oliver spent five years fighting back against the world’s corrupt individuals. When he returned to Starling City, he started reaping the city of corruption.

Over the years, Oliver changed his vigilante name several times until he settled on Green Arrow. Joined by Thea, Dig, Roy, and others, Oliver fought crime, but it came at a price. During his first year as The Hood, he lost his best friend, Tommy when a building collapsed in The Glades. Oliver, determined not to kill, he changed his vigilante name to The Arrow.

Oliver’s love life took a few turns before he settled on Felicity. After a failed engagement, the pair married alongside friends Barry and Iris in a joint ceremony conducted by Dig.

Oliver’s first engagement to Felicity ended when she discovered Oliver had a son he didn’t tell her about. Felicity forgave him and embraced William as her own. After the death of Samantha, Oliver received custody of his son, but they struggled to bond. Felicity, serving as William’s tutor helped to heal the rift and Oliver and William became close.

The bond between Oliver, Felicity and William strengthened when Oliver and Felicity married. When Felicity and William were forced into Witness Protection, Felicity referred to him as her son. Because of the looming threat, she sent him to boarding school to protect him.

This act showed she loved William and wanted to keep him safe. Her defiance in wanting to destroy Diaz showed she would stop at nothing to ensure the wellbeing of her family. Also, when Oliver goes to prison, he kept a photo of Felicity and William with him at all times.

You Have Failed This City!

Crisis on Infinite Earths 2019

Arrowverse News: Crisis On Infinite Earths Is Coming In 2019

It’s been hinted at since The Flash Season 1. Now Crisis on Infinite Earths is coming to the Arrowverse in 2019…

Nora Fries

Elseworlds: Who Is Nora Fries?

She will give you chills as the wife of Mister Freeze… Meet Nora Fries played by Cassandra Jean Amell.


Elseworlds: Did Arrow Season 6 Predict Kate Kane’s Ascendance As Batwoman?

Regardless of what you think of Arrow, the show has done a fine job name dropping characters. Especially from the Batfamily and yes, we’re talking about Batman… The Arrow portion of the Elseworlds crossover has aired on The CW and we got an official introduction to Kate Kane’s Batwoman. It’s an exciting time to be an Arrowverse fan, that’s for sure. However, the backstory of Kate’s ascendance as Batwoman hasn’t been revealed, but things seem to make sense and the clues were in Arrow Season 6. In an early episode of Arrow Season 6, the photo of Oliver as the Green Arrow was said to be doctored. We all know it wasn’t, but that was beside the point. During his address to the media, Oliver mentioned it could be Bruce Wayne’s head on his body. In the Elseworlds crossover, Oliver tells Barry and Kara that Bruce Wayne has been missing from Gotham for three years. Thinking back on it, was Oliver alluding that he knew Bruce was missing? If he knew this why didn’t he speak up sooner? How did he know Bruce was missing? Were they assoicated because they were wealthy? I don’t think we’ll get an answer. Kate recognises Oliver (as Barry) and his reputation. Though, neither Barry nor Oliver recognise her. From what we saw, Batman’s cousin keeps a low profile the best she can. It’s understandable Oliver wouldn’t recognise her as she’s not really into the socialite lifestyle. Oliver might be withholding information for a reason, like the type of person Bruce was. Elseworlds will conclude tomorrow on The CW.


Elseworlds: 90s Flash Series Now Part Of Arrowverse Canon

This year’s Arrowverse crossover is gathering steam and it’s only going to get bigger. Fans of The Flash will remember 90s Flash actor, John Wesley Shipp as Barry’s father, Henry Allen and Earth-3 Flash, Jay Garrick. This year, he’s joining the crossover, but not in the way, you’d expect… Great news Arrowverse tragics because John Wesley Shipp is headed back to basics and is donning his 90s Flash suit once again. The explanation comes from the teaser shown after last week’s Supergirl, Arrow and The Flash episodes. As I mentioned in a previous post, we learn there’s more than the 53 Earths we learned about in last year’s crossover. The teaser showed there’s an Earth-90 – a reference to the 90s Flash series – and Shipp’s Flash is from there. There’s also a scene in the Behind-the-Scenes video where a clip shows 90s Flash introducing himself as Barry Allen. Because this older Flash is played by John Wesley Shipp, he’ll serve as a counterpart to Barry’s dad like Earth-3 Jay Garrick does. No doubt that’ll spark some painful memories for Earth-1 Barry. In the BTS video, which I’ll post below, Grant Gustin reveals he was jealous of Stephen Amell for getting be in his Flash suit when John Shipp was on set in his Flash suit. God, I cannot wait to see how everything ties together with 90s Flash.  I also cannot wait to see Barry’s reaction  when he meets 90s Flash. It’ll be like looking at his dad all over again but with his [Barry’s] name. I hope they include 90s Flash in The Flash after the crossover. It would be cool to see another version of Barry running around with Earth-1 Barry. Here’s the link to the video: Elseworlds continues The CW


8 Great Moments From Elseworlds: Hour One

The first part of the Elseworlds crossover started with a metaphorical bang. Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) wake up in each other’s lives. They know they’re themselves, but their friends and families don’t see it in the same way. I’ve compiled 8 great moments from Hour One. Feel free to agree or disagree. Please note, none of these events are in the order they aired. 8. Oliver Wakes Up In Barry’s Bed Our first moment has been seen numerous times in promo trailers. Oliver wakes up in a strange bed and without his various scars. He ventures out of the bedroom and finds himself in Barry and Iris’s apartment. Our favourite archer has no idea what the hell is happening and is pulled off guard when Iris kisses him and calls him Barry. He realises in that moment something isn’t right and why is his superhero BFF’s wife calling him ‘honey’ and ‘babe’? 7. Ralph Punches Barry In The Face Who would have thought Ralph Dibny knew how to punch like a boss? After Iris spikes the wine Oliver (as Barry) drinks, Ralph comes in and punches Barry (as Oliver) in the face knocking him unconscious. Ralph apologises saying “Sorry, dude” before he helps Iris lock the boys in the pipeline prison. 6. Barry Freaks Out Oliver Woke Up In His Bed With Iris When Barry and Oliver realise something isn’t right, they go to the former Team Arrow hideout, The Bunker. Barry gets overly excited that he can now do the Salmon ladder without using his super speed, which Oliver now has. The situation gets awkward when Oliver reveals he woke up in Barry’s bed. Barry freaks out at the prospect of his BFF sleeping beside his wife.  5. Lois Threatens Barry And Oliver With A Hammer Barry and Oliver visit their friend Kara Danvers on Earth-38, but their arrival doesn’t go to plan. They come face-to-face with Kara’s cousin-in-law, Lois Lane who threatens them with a hammer. Kara and Clark rush in to stop her before she can hurt them. Kara introduces Lois and Clark to her friends. When Barry and Oliver explain the situation on their Earth to her, everyone is in disbelief until Oliver shows them   that he can viberate the way Barry did. 4. Barry Shoots Oliver In The Back As Payback One of the funniest moments of The Flash episode was Barry getting revenge on Oliver for shooting him in the back four years earlier. Standing the middle of a field on the Kent farm,  Barry and Oliver try to teach each other their abilities. Barry spends hours shooting arrows at paint cans. When he gets nowhere, he has Oliver run to the other side of the field. He fires an arrow at Oliver who catches it with his speed. As Oliver begins walking back to Barry, he gets hit in the back with two arrows being fired from arrow launchers hidden in the grass. Barry squeals with laughter and excitement while Oliver has a go at him for treating the stunt as a game. 3. Oliver Orders Barry To Dislocate His Thumbs When Iris and Ralph have Barry and Oliver locked up in the pipeline, Barry and Oliver devise an escape plan. They use the cell toilet to get out, but to do it, Barry has to dislocate his thumbs to get out of his handcuffs. At first, Barry refuses. Oliver tells him that if he wants to get out of the cell, he’ll need to get the cuffs off first. When he gets them off, Barry is surprised it worked. 2. AMAZO Attacks Clark The fight at the end of the episode sees Barry, Oliver, Kara and Clark take on the evil power copying robot, AMAZO. After the bot copies everyone’s powers, Clark swoops in an attempt to stop it, but falls short. As he tries to land a combo of punches, the robot attacks him, throwing him back. 1. “Are you puffing out your chest?” Barry and Oliver’s first meeting with Clark and Lois doesn’t go the way Kara was expecting it would. Oliver begins feeling a little intimidated by Clark’s presence, knowing what a big deal the Man of Steel is. Barry pokes fun at him when he sees his friend has puffed out his chest to look more menacing. BONUS: “Hit ‘im, Barry!” After Barry shoots Oliver in the back, they begin arguing with Oliver telling Barry to hit him. From the porch of the house, Clark, Kara and Lois are watching them before Lois yells to Barry to hit Oliver. The comment is met with a look of disbelief from Oliver and looks of amusment from Clark and Kara. Seeing the looks before her, Lois comments Oliver was being a jerk and deserved it. Elseworlds continues today on The CW


Elseworlds: Was Clark About To Tell Kara He Wanted To Propose To Lois?

Lois and Clark are such an iconic DC Comics couple. Though, did anyone get the vibe (no pun intended) that Clark wanted to propose?  Bitsie Tulloch was amazing as the intrepid reporter, Lois Lane in The Flash episode of the Elseworlds crossover. What caught my attention is a moment between Clark and Kara. In the moment, where it seemed Clark intended to propose to Lois. I’ve loved Supergirl since I watched the first season on DVD. When Clark came into the mix, I was okay with it considering Superman was never my favorite character. In my eyes, Tyler Hoechlin is the best Superman. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, and he’s a lot of fun. What I loved most about Hoechlin’s portrayal of Supes is he relies on Kara for stories about Krypton. Kara is older than him and he was only a baby when he got sent off-world. When Kara and Clark are sitting in the truck’s back talking, I got this feeling he wanted to ask her advice. When I say advice I mean proposing to her. We don’t know how long Clark and Lois have been together. From what we heard in Supergirl Season 1, their dad disapproved of Clark and his ties to Superman. It’s uncertain if Sam realised Clark and Superman were the same man. Given how close Clark and Kara are, I wouldn’t be surprised if Clark pulls her aside and they talk about what he tried telling her. Kara, being the supportive cousin she is,  will him to follow his heart. She’d tell him she loves him and will support him. Fingers crossed Clark proposes in the Supergirl episode. Last year, we got two weddings and a funeral. Night two of the Elseworlds crossover airs tomorrow on The CW.


Elseworlds ‘Arrow’ Hour Two: Melissa Benoist and Ruby Rose Talk Supergirl and Batwoman Friendship

Friendship has always been a staple in the Arrowverse. From Oliver and Tommy to Barry and Cisco, you can’t have superheroes with a good old super pal. It looks like Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl has found one in Ruby Rose’s Batwoman. Who remembers Batman vs. Superman? I unfortunately do. I also remember them fighting until they realised they both had mothers with the same forename. Superman’s adoptive mother was Martha Kent while Batman’s mother was Martha Wayne. For two members of the future Justice League, couldn’t they have found something worthwhile to argue over? Like… what their cousins might think? We know Superman’s cousin is Kara Zor-El a.k.a Supergirl thanks to the Arrowverse. But, what about Batman? Most people aren’t aware the Dark Knight has a cousin in Batwoman a.k.a Kate Kane. We knew a friendship was likely because Melissa posted a rather cheery image of her and Ruby on set. With the Elseworlds crossover coming up, Supergirl star, Melissa Benoist and newcomer, Ruby Rose spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the friendship Supergirl and Batwoman end up forming. We knew a friendship was likely because Melissa posted a rather cheery image of her and Ruby on set. Before we dive deeper into Melissa and Ruby’s interview, here’s a little Batwoman trivia: Batwoman started out as Katherine ‘Kathy’ Kane before her nickname was changed to Kate. Also, Kate’s aunt is Martha Wayne, the sister of her father.  [Please note this next section contains spoilers for Elseworlds.] Elseworlds will introduce Ruby’s Batwoman during the Arrow episode, Hour Two. Kate is the leading vigilante in Gotham City since her cousin, Batman disappeared three years earlier. Because of Bruce’s MIA status, she’s currently running Wayne Enterprises. With Barry, Oliver, and Kara’s arrival in her city, Kate isn’t happy. Kara, being the only woman of the trio, manages to befriend the Kane/Wayne heiress. Melissa mentions in the EW interview she and Ruby did a one-on-one scene inside Wayne Enterprises together. Here’s what she said: “We shot a scene in Wayne Enterprises together, and it was just the two of us, just these two women breaking the ice with each other. It’s rare that I get scenes like that. I have scenes like that with Grant and Stephen all the time, but I was very excited to do that with another strong female.” She continued:  “I’ve not really gotten to have scenes like this with other female characters [like] Sara Lance [Caity Lotz] or Black Canary [Juliana Harkavy]. In the way that Barry and Kara are so light and such good friends, I think Kate and Kara have a lot more in common and can really understand each other.” Ruby agreed, saying: “It was nice because when Kara met Kate, it was in Kate’s space, and it was fun because there’s this power dynamic,” Rose adds: “You got someone like Kara, who is just so sweet and nice, and I think [with] Kate, who is not one to trust people and doesn’t really have a lot of time for what’s happening right now, you see it’s impossible not to be charmed by Kara. You see the warmth in what I think would be a budding friendship. But it’s also really fun making Melissa/Kara uncomfortable.” What makes the potential friendship between these two female characters special is how different they are. One comes from a different planet, while the other comes from a wealthy family. Melissa adds: “Kate Kane is a very different personality from her, but what I think she appreciates and empathizes with is her experience as a woman, being a hero, and I think she also sees a lot of herself and the struggles she went through in becoming her own hero in Kate,” She finished with: “There’s a lot of kinship there.” Ruby agreed, saying: “You have someone like Kate, who is very much a force to be reckoned with and, I think, intimidates the boys a little bit. With Kara, I think it’s more like she thinks it’s cool. She’s like, ‘Wow, there’s another girl out there. This is awesome.’ I know Supergirl herself doesn’t like the vigilante-type characters, so I was glad that we actually had a mutual understanding.” The Arrow hour of the crossover will serve as a backdoor pilot for the Batwoman spin-off, which we hopefully will see in 2019. Hour Two of the Elseworlds crossover will air on December 10 in America on The CW.


Elseworlds: Promo Clip Reveals Lois Lane Is No Stranger To Superheroes

Lois Lane is no stranger when it comes to superheroes. She’s the girlfriend of Clark Kent and friends with her boyfriend’s cousin, Kara. When Barry and Oliver pay Supergirl a visit, the Daily Planet journalist doesn’t batter an eyelash.

Arrowverse Crossover

Elseworlds Crossover: Why Does Alex Have It Out For Kara?

The bond of sisterhood is everything in Supergirl. So, why is Kara locked up in the S.T.A.R. Labs pipeline? In a day’s time, Barry, Oliver, and Kara will deal with an alternate reality and new friends. Barry and Oliver become each other while Kara loses… her sister? Help somebody! We’ll need larger TV screens to capture the Easter eggs in this year’s Arrowverse crossover. A promo dropped last week of our third hero, Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) behind bars. Kara, dressed in her Supergirl suit, gets locked up at S.T.A.R. Labs on what appears to be Earth-1. To matters worse, her jailer is her sister, Alex (Chyler Leigh). She tries to talk Alex around, but her human sister is adamant Kara is a threat. Also, she’s wearing a black House of El symbol. What the hell is going on here? Why is Alex suddenly afraid of Kara? How doesn’t she see Kara is her sister? Alex and Kara normally have a close relationship since their friend Kenny got murdered, and they solved the case. So, why is Alex suddenly afraid of a sister she alleges she doesn’t know? This crossover is getting stranger with every promo. It looks like Kara will maintain her memories of her original life like Barry and Oliver do with their lives. Whatever the reason is for Alex’s sudden fear and anger towards aliens, there’s got to be an explanation… hasn’t there? Surely, it’s an alternate reality where Kara’s a threat. Maybe someone screwed with time (NORA! BARRY!) until reality became warped. Who the frick knows? The crossover begins December 9 with The Flash and will run to December 11, ending with Supergirl. Please note the dates are for The CW’s airing of the crossover The Elseworlds crossover event is the fifth crossover in the Arrowverse since The Arrow vs. The Flash.