Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow

The first show in the Arrowverse, Arrow tells the story of spoilt billionaire playboy, Oliver Queen.

Oliver’s life changed when he ended up shipwrecked on Lian Yu. His fling, Sara Lance was presumed drowned when the ship sunk. His father, Robert killed himself so Oliver could survive. Oliver spent five years fighting back against the world’s corrupt individuals. When he returned to Starling City, he started reaping the city of corruption.

Over the years, Oliver changed his vigilante name several times until he settled on Green Arrow. Joined by Thea, Dig, Roy, and others, Oliver fought crime, but it came at a price. During his first year as The Hood, he lost his best friend, Tommy when a building collapsed in The Glades. Oliver, determined not to kill, he changed his vigilante name to The Arrow.

Oliver’s love life took a few turns before he settled on Felicity. After a failed engagement, the pair married alongside friends Barry and Iris in a joint ceremony conducted by Dig.

Oliver’s first engagement to Felicity ended when she discovered Oliver had a son he didn’t tell her about. Felicity forgave him and embraced William as her own. After the death of Samantha, Oliver received custody of his son, but they struggled to bond. Felicity, serving as William’s tutor helped to heal the rift and Oliver and William became close.

The bond between Oliver, Felicity, and William strengthened when Oliver and Felicity married. When Felicity and William were forced into Witness Protection, Felicity referred to him as her son. Because of the looming threat, she sent him to boarding school to protect him.

This act showed she loved William and wanted to keep him safe. Her defiance in wanting to destroy Diaz showed she would stop at nothing to ensure the wellbeing of her family. Also, when Oliver goes to prison, he kept a photo of Felicity and William with him at all times.


Arrow airs Mondays on The CW.


Airing Status: Arrow is currently on its mid-Season break and will return to The CW in January 2019.

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