Arrow: Parents And A Mini Cassette Recorder

Regardless if you’re living in the present or the future, it’s easy to forget that the world is full of terrible people. In this week’s Arrow episode, Mia and William work to discover the message their mother placed on a mini-cassette tape.

When your parents are Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak, you are bound to have a thirst for technology. Look at William for instance. From a young age, he learned how to find a virus and protection protocols on his tablet put there by his stepmother. Years later, his younger sister, Mia doesn’t know what a cassette tape is. This is a trait she inherited from her father whom is nowhere near as fluent in tech as his wife.

During Training Day, we witness the family patriarch earn paternal credentials as he tries to protect his pregnant spouse. Fast-forward and Will and Mia go searching for a device to hear what Felicity recorded on the cassette.

Keeping A Secret

Early on, Oliver and Felicity agree to keep her pregnancy secret from everyone. By everyone, we also mean William who only receives a small mention in the present. This ties in with the flash-forwards where no one knew of Mia’s existence, except Connor, which we’ll get to in a moment.

This episode confirms that John learns about the pregnancy though it doesn’t add up how Connor got wind of this information when he hasn’t been adopted by Dig. Also, we learn something else that might lead to the younger Diggle’s adoption. Laurel already knows about it because she used the power of observation. Also, she knows Felicity better than she realises. Also, nothing escapes John, and he loves Oliver and Felicity like family.

Like Father, Like Daughter

For much of the future storyline this week, William realises there’s more to Mia than he thought. After he loses the cassette player, she criticises him for his actions. He then mentions their dad’s famous catchphrase: “You have failed this city!” Mia comments it’s a real dumb thing to say. William smiles and says it’s what Oliver said when he cornered the bad guys.

What made the moment between the pair so special was seeing how Mia’s tactics of beating people up mirrored her father’s. It’s enough to bring a smile to your face.

We also learn in the present day Oliver chooses the name ‘Mia’ for the baby we know is a girl while Felicity chooses Lucas if the child is a boy. Felicity picks up on the reference to Moira as a homage to Oliver’s late mother. She also says the name is sweet, yet fiery.

Mia is very much like her father and grandmother as she’s a real rebel and she has a fierce personality.

Felicity’s Message

Back in 2040, William and Mia fight over who’s going to press play on the recorder. Finally, they press play after William states he hasn’t heard his stepmother’s voice in almost twenty years.

As message plays, Felicity is surprised at the fact she’s saying both her children’s names in the same sentence before she apologises for rambling. She explains that she and Oliver kept them apart for their own protection and that they love them more than anything. 

As the message comes to an end, she rattles off coordinates that they need to give to the team. William and Mia look at each and agree they’re going to find her.


There’s a load of feels coming off this episode. We can see how much the younger Queen generation are growing as characters. There’s a few episodes left of the season and according to some reports, we’ll find out the full truth extremely soon. We can’t wait!

Arrow returns next week with an entire episode based in the future with Star City 2040.

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