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Home And Away: Colby Gets Arrested And Is Taylor Witness X?


Colby has just been arrested and it looks like we know who Witness X may be…

Is this the end for Colby? He has been arrested for the murder of his stepfather, Ross Nixon who happens to be the father of his half-sister, Bella. While we as the audience know he did kill his horrid relative, It’s Detective Angelo Rosetta who has been hellbent on proving the senior constable committed the crime.

While Angelo has every right to want to solve the case in order to get back into the good graces of his superiors, he’s also rubbing people whom use to be his friends up the wrong way. He used Irene and John to get information about Colby, Bella, Willow, and Dean. Not to mention, he wanted to show that he was the perfect cop when he’s not. He killed a fellow cop – by accident – and he put an innocent man in prison.

Angelo has also decided to play dirty when he discovers his wife, Taylor is sleeping with Colby. He gives her a necklace with a listening device implanted inside. It doesn’t help when she accidentally slips up and says there were there were other witnesses. We’ve theorised that the former River Boy could be sent to prison and die there. Alternatively, we’ve also come up with the thought that he perishes at the hands of some of Ross’ mates.

Colby… Arrested In Public

Angelo thinks that making a scene of Colby being arrested in the diner will make it obvious to the town’s residents that it’s ‘wrong’ to kill someone, no matter how much of a terrible person they are. This will not go down well with Dean, Willow, and Bella when they realise someone’s blabbed. Question is who confessed?

We’ve already spoken about who Witness X could be. While we’ve had our suspicions, we forgot to add Colby’s ex-wife Chelsea to the mix as a load of fans seem to think she’s the one that dobbed in her ex-husband. However, we think it may be Taylor who said something.

Yes, we know Colby never said anything to Taylor about being the one who killed Ross. But, she’s bitter because he used her and so did Angelo who was meant to love her. She wants revenge but is doing it her way. Telling both her husband and her lover off for deceiving her but also telling the cops what she knows could work in her favor.

Colby’s Behaviour Has Made Him Unlikeable As A Character

Tim Franklin is an amazing actor and he has made the character of Colby incredibly unlikeable. We totally praise him for that. He [Colby] has become cocky and thinks he is untouchable because he’s sleeping with Angelo’s wife.

Colby can easily be compared to Brody Morgan before he left to live in Victoria with his mistress Simone. He told Dean that he would never be good enough for Ziggy and as he predicted, they broke up given how uneasy she was around Amber and Jai.

Bella and Dean have hated how Colby has behaved in regards to everything that is going on with the investigation. It’s gotten to the point where Ross’ daughter has moved out of the apartment and has moved into her boyfriend, Nikau’s house where he lives with his uncles, Ari and Tane.

Dean has also told his best friend that he can rot for ruining whatever chance he has of getting to spend time with his son, Jai.

Colby is also running out of support from his friends and those closest to him. Him being arrested might actually be a good thing.

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