Armie Hammer Gets Fired From Two Jobs In A Short Space Of Time


What the hell happened to Armie Hammer? He was on the path of becoming an even bigger name in Hollywood but now his name has gone to shit. Not to mention, he keeps losing job offers…

He was once slated to play to Bruce Wayne/Batman in the abandoned Justice League: Mortal film but in the years since, Armie Hammer has become a big name in Hollywood. In recent months, his life has gone from good to bad to worse. He separated from his wife of ten years, Elizabeth Chambers in 2020 and as of a few months ago, he is now a sexual predator with an apparent love of cannibalism.

Australian publication, Pedestrian has published two articles in recent weeks regarding Armie losing jobs left, right, and centre. The first one explains he has been cut from the film, Billion Dollar Spy which will also star Mads Mikkelsen. The second one says he has bee dropped from the broadway production of The Minutes.

Both these firings come after Armie was dropped from Shotgun Wedding starring Jennifer Lopez. Josh Duhamel was put in his role. Allegedly, Billion Dollar Spy and The Minutes were the last productions on Hammer’s schedule until the studio working on the film were forced to axe him and broadway had to remove him.

Of course, like all bigshot celebrities who are accused of wrongdoing, Hammer’s lawyers have spoken out. Talk about predicable.

The women who have come against Hammer, there is actual receipts via Instagram DMs of what allegedly went down.

Armie will still appear in the upcoming Death on the Nile. His role in the series, Gaslit got recast with Dan Stevens, best known for playing Matthew Crawley in Downton Abbey. He was also cut from The Offer which will tell the behind-the-scenes story of how The Godfather was made.

In conclusion, if you need help in any form, please contact a mental health professional.

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