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The Issue With Meghan Referring To Her Life As Being Similar To Ariel


Meghan referred to her life being similar to that of Ariel in The Little Mermaid. She is very wrong in making her life sound like a Disney movie…

Meghan Markle compared herself to Princess Ariel from The Little Mermaid during the Oprah interview which has seen several type of shockwaves get blasted across the world. Now, we now need to bring up how the two are not the same.

Now we need to explain how different Ariel and Meghan are and no. It has NOTHING to do with race.

The Use Of Voice

Meghan talks a LOT about using your voice, to be heard above the noise if criticism. That’s the thing with Ariel. She literally gave hers to Ursula so she could be with Eric. The Duchess, however, did not giver hers up, not for a second.

Also, Ariel had to make a choice; her voice or the man she loved. She chose Eric and ended up handing the one true thing that she cared about over to an evil sea witch who wanted revenge on her father, Triton. Meghan was given every opportunity to speak up and she lied during the Oprah interview when she claimed to have been silenced.


Everyone who has seen The Little Mermaid will know that Ariel is a naive teenager with romantic dreams of marrying the man she can only love from a distance. When she gives her voice to Ursula, she is unaware of how much she is losing in the long run. Being able to sing was her gift, her tether to who she was.

Unlike Ariel, Meghan is not naive. She knew what she was marrying into, despite her claims she had not looked up her future husband and/or his family online. To read more about that, we have a post written about it.

However, Meghan did not understand what she was walking into. She thought being a royal would be free vacations, an endless supply of jewels and telling people what to do. When she realised that her fantasy was not going to play out the way she thought, she created a silent plan to dismantle the monarchy. Now, this is all just a working theory given her behaviour.

Ulterior Motive?

With Ariel, she gave up her voice completely unaware that Ursula had an ulterior motive to weaponise her singing for evil purposes.

Meghan, meanwhile, believes the palace was out to get her…. for what purpose? Not everyone is going to like you, but the royal family has better things to do than to ruin someone’s life. She views herself as Diana and how she was mistreated.

The royal family are not evil dictators. If they were, people would’ve called for the monarchy to be abolished years ago.

Revenge… For What Reason?

Meghan wants revenge on the monarchy. Though, the question still remains; for what reason? Because she didn’t get the fairytale life she thought she would get? There are so many possibilities here that it would take a whole other blog post to get through all the ones we’ve theorised.

Revenge is only going to make the royal family push back harder against all the allegations pressed against them. Meghan and by extension, Harry knew they would be unwilling to respond as that has been the way for a long time.

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