Jacinda Ardern Re-Elected As New Zealand’s Prime Minister


New Zealand Re-Elects Jacinda Ardern…

Congratulations, Jacinda Ardern for her re-election as New Zealand’s Prime Minister. She will be serving her second term as the country’s leader. This comes as NZ’s Labour Party is set to have a historic win.

There is no one better to lead New Zealand during a time of crisis quite like Ms Ardern. She is a kind and compassionate leader who is more than willing to get amongst the people, no matter their religion, race, or sexual orientation.

Her response to tackling the coronavirus has been incredibly successful with the country coming out of the pandemic as victorious. There has only been a total of 25 deaths which is pretty low for any country. She knew to shut the entire country down to minimise the spread of the virus and since then, the digits have remained steady.

New Zealand is a remarkable country when it comes to its politics. Their leaders actually listen to the people and react accordingly. We also very rarely hear about any political spat between the head honchos of the parties.

Ardern knows what it means to be a leader. She understands that politics is about helping a country function, not about personal agendas. She acknowledges other cultures and will go up and hug people who are struggling after a tragedy. Look at what happened with the Christchurch massacre. She wore the correct attire and went up to the victims and hugged as many of them as she could. This is the type of leader New Zealand needs

We want to congratulate Jacinda on her re-election. You have done your country proud. We are glad to see that New Zealand has a good leader who cares about the opinions of her people.

From Australia to New Zealand, we’re so happy you’re a leader, Ms Ardern!

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