The Queen Would Not Have Approved If Archie Was Fake

Archie; earl; unfounded

Archie Mountbatten-Windsor is a real baby, but the world doesn’t want to hear it…

There are some real Meghan haters out there and while we dislike Meghan, there are things we think she wouldn’t fake like being pregnant. This would go up against everything Prince Harry stands for. He always wanted kids and how he has a bouncing almost two year old son, Archie.

Also, don’t you think The Queen or Prince Philip would’ve said something if their most current great-grandchild was fake? Well, Her Majesty would be too polite but her husband is known for being outspoken. He would’ve known something was off the second Meghan announced she was pregnant.

Why do people complain about not seeing Archie when we hardly see the Cambridge kids, especially when they were babies? It is not up to the public to demand to see a child they have no right to see.

Yes, it is frustrating but Harry and Meghan are Archie’s parents. They are the ones making the rules

The Queen would not put up with fakery within her family. It doesn’t matter if Harry is her favourite grandchild. She is a woman who has seen a lot in her life. People forget she ended up on the throne by chance and might not have become monarch had her uncle not stepped down and gave the role to her father, his younger brother.

Harry would not have allowed his beloved Meghan to lie to him, regardless of the alleged fight they had at Admiralty House in Sydney when he questioned whether she was pregnant. Again, this is just speculation. Do we believe it? Perhaps but unless there is an actual confirmation, it’s a grain of salt to be taken very lightly.

Regardless of what we actually think is true, Archie is just like everyone else in the world; entitled to live like a normal human being or as regular as a person can be when your dad is a royal.

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