Royal THEORY: Could Archie Become Meghan’s Least Favourite Child Once His Sister Arrives?

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Will Meghan favour her daughter over her son Archie?

We all know Meghan’s motivations by now, don’t we? Get set up on a ‘blind date’ with a prince. Pursue the royal until he goes down on bended knee. Have a huge wedding costing millions and claim it bought in billions for the economy (it didn’t). Get pregnant. Hope for a daughter to give her Cartier watch to. The first child is a boy named Archie who is loved for the first two years of his life. Then Meg gets preggers pregnant with the little girl she has always wanted. So, that begs the question. Will the little boy get cast aside for his sister?

Now, before you tear into us and call us cruel. Just hear us out, before you begin screaming. We know Harry wouldn’t have cared what gender either of his two children would be. We know he only wants two because he wants to ‘preserve’ the environment. Anyway, his wife is a totally different story.

She once said that she wanted to give her Cartier Tank Watch which she bought herself when Suits was renewed for… whatever season it was to her daughter. This was like six-seven years before her little girl’s conception. We know that Meghan is all about women’s empowerment and has no interest in how a man might feel. Look at how she treats Harry. He is now overly paranoid that his wife will suffer the same fate as his late mother, Princess Diana.

So, does this put Archie? We have no doubt that Meghan will fawn over her little girl. Was a boy in her sights when she decided she wanted children? Was she disappointed that Archie was not the daughter she wanted? Probably. But, if she wanted to keep Harry, she would’ve had to at least pretend to be happy. After all, the male is the one who decides the sex of a child, not the woman.

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