Harry, Meghan, And The Colossal Joke That Is Archewell


Has anyone noticed that the ‘Arche’ is a partial anagram of Meghan’s actual name ‘Rachel’?

Not a lot of people will say this but we will. Archewell, the not-for-profit created by Harry and Meghan is one huge joke. Hardy har ha! They couple talk about ‘compassion’ and ‘kindness’ but they know nothing of the sort. Amongst bullying allegations levelled against the former actress by former Kensington Palace staff, they do not come across as nice people.

While the Sugars fawn over their idol and donate every bit of their hard working coin to support the charitable causes, the people who see through the Sussexes and their actions know that Archewell is nothing more than a con to show the world what they are not. Part of their new website claims ‘Compassion in Action’. …What? They have been preaching to the world for months about how change it when they themselves don’t follow through it.

One example of this is when they were complaining about carbon emissions and how we need take better care of the environment. However, they take gas-guzzling private jets and drive cars that emit the same toxins they’re lecturing us about. Two words, okay? Double. Standards.

When it comes to Archewell, the whole thing is a sham. Also, has anyone noticed that ‘Arche’ is a partial anagram of Meghan’s actual name? Same applies to Archie whose name is basically ‘Rachel’ but without the ‘L’ and has ‘i’ instead. So, poor little guy is named after not only his mother, but his father too with his middle name ‘Harrison’ literally meaning ‘Son of Harry’ or ‘Harry’s son’. While we’re not dissing that, it seems a little odd that the Sussexes’ so-called ‘not-for-profit’ is named after their child.

Archewell is a lie and the Sugars are stupid to believe it that the Sussexes are genuine.

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