True Crime

The String Of Lies Of Arabella Del Busso


Arabella Del Busso might be beautiful, but she is nothing more than a conwoman…

We could’ve marked this post as ‘celebrities’, but the woman we’re about talk about is not a celebrity. She is a conwoman, hence the ‘true crime’ selection. We’re talking about model Arabella Del Busso who conned NRL footballer, Josh Reynolds into thinking was going to be a dad. This woman has absolutely no shame. She also duped him into giving thousands of dollars.

Arabella, whose actually name is Donna Pruesker, has strung men along for years, to get what she wants; money. She has faked pregnancies, cancer, and a tumour. Of all the men she has been with, she even told one she wanted money to pay for her mother’s funeral, when she was in fact, very much alive.

Not to mention, she has a bucketload of alias, according to A Current Affair. Even her mother and stepfather don’t want anything to do with her. According to her mum, Arabella has been conning people since she was ten.

Josh Reynolds, a NRL star who has been in trouble few times, was the target of Arabella for two years. She claimed she was pregnant with his twins. However, According to the footballer (who we believe by the way), she faked three pregnancies and he gave her $4000 to cover her mother’s funeral. She then turns around and accuses him of domestic violence. He was charged with assault before the charges were dropped due to a lack of evidence.

One of her former boyfriends who knew her as Bella Donna Di Donato successfully sued her for her lies. But, they still didn’t stop.

During a 60 Minutes interview with Tom Steinfort, Arabella said her childhood was ‘traumatic’ and that she was ‘dragged up’. This is not what her mother, Isobel said. She said that her daughter showed signs of wanting more and started to create her fantasy world.

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