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Why We The World Owe Samantha Markle A Massive Apology


It’s an apology we never thought we would give but Samantha Markle deserves to be told she was right about Meghan…

Samantha Markle had every right to warn the world about her half-sister, Meghan and the destruction she has rained down upon the royal family. It’s time we give her that apology we own her. Now, we were among the many people who said she was lying and jealous. But, the moment the Duchess of Sussex showed who she really is, that’s when we took a step back and realised we’d been decieved.

The world wanted to so badly for Harry to be happy. When it finally was revealed he had found his forever person we could not have been happier for him. All he wanted was someone to spend his life with him the way Catherine had agreed to royal life with William. However, we never in a million years thought she would single handedly isolate the prince from his family and him blame all the royals for their misfortunes.

We know there is no way in hell Meghan will ever issue an apology to her family or her in-laws. As far as she is concerned, they’re dead to her. She used them and then spat them out as she did to her own. Going back to Samantha, she did her best to warn everyone of what her sister is really like. However, we did not want listen. Harry was happy and they were a great looking couple. That is, until the South Africa tour where they revealed they were unhappy then Markle dropped her guard and said, “No one asked me if I was okay” while holding back crocodile tears.

Samantha knew what Meghan was capable of as she’d witnessed it with her own two eyes. The former actress destroyed her own family when she felt they were of no use to her.

We Should Have Listened!

Now, we’re not ashamed to say that Samantha deserves an apology. We were wrong on so many levels as we wanted to see the best in Meghan and we were kicked in the face. That is the whole reason the UK and any sane person who follows the Duchess of Lies’s antics are up in arms! We were lied to and taken advantage of by her [and Harry who is guilty by association] calling everyone who doesn’t agree a racist and a bully.

Samantha was right on the money. She always was. What makes the whole thing so sad is how everyone who Meghan no longer talks to is classed as a bully, a liar, and a racist because have ‘done something to her’ which is just her way of getting them out of her life.

Look, we’re not going to pretend that the way Samantha has approached going after her sister is right, because it’s not. Going to the press every time is exactly the same thing Meghan does. But, unlike her sibling, the elder Markle is not victimising herself or anyone else when she speaks out. She is trying to restore order in whatever way she can. Now that Megsy’s true nature has come to light, people are beginning to sit up and go, “This isn’t right, something needs to be done about these lies.” That the whole reason Jason Knauf’s emails were given to The Times.

People wanted the truth to be out there. However, Meghan has stood in their way and screamed that they owe her an apology for thinking she bullied them. Whatever happened to hearing victims speak and allowing them to be heard?

Meghan doesn’t allow that to happen. She wants her critics to remain silent. That is the whole reason her alleged bullying victims had to sign NDAs.

Dear Samantha…

To finish this post, we wanted to write this last little bit to Samantha.

Dear Ms. Markle,

We, the world, or most of us want to apologise for telling you that you were a liar when it comes to Meghan. While we don’t believe everything you say about her, there is so much you were right about. Your sister has single-handedly turned Prince Harry into her precious little puppy who must do whatever she wants if he is to be rewarded.

If there is one person in this situation that deserves an apology from your sister it is you, your brother and your father. The same can be said for Harry’s family. After all, he too threw them all under the bus at Meghan’s prompting. Though, we, unfortunately know it will never happen.

Meghan has gaslighted and therefore abandoned too many people in her life and considered them ‘toxic’. You, our dear Samantha, deserve to have real peace of mind. Your baby sister whom you loved when she little is no longer the same person you remember. She is long gone. We feel your pain and want you know that we stand by you and the entire Markle/Ragland family. You may never read this post, but know we’re here.

Sincerely and best wishes,

The sane people of the world who don’t buy into Meghan’s victim narrative.

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