Anti-Monarchy Journalist Participates In Slanted BBC Documentary Which May See Royals Cut Ties With Broadcaster And Many People Involved Have Ties To The Sussexes


The BBC is in hot water again, but this time, they’re favouriting the opinion of a journalist who is anti-monarchy over the royals. Regardless of your feelings towards the monarchy, they do not deserve the treatment they’ve received. Their patriarch has just died, and their matriarch is struggling while her rogue second-youngest grandson wages a senseless war against the media and the family. Talk about a rough year.

Anyway, Ryan Merrifield of the Mirror reports that the senior royals are preparing to support Prince William as he prepares to battle the BBC over a documentary about his clash with his younger brother, Prince Harry.

The Princes and the Press detail how the Wales brothers have been covered in the media. However, it must be harmful for the Duke of Cambridge to want a preview. He was declined as the journalist, Amol Rajan reportedly involved is anti-monarchy.

Ties To The Sussexes

So, when information about this documentary started to come out, eagle-eyed Twitter sleuths discovered something interesting. Jenny Afia, Meghan’s lawyer for her privacy lawsuit (as per Linda Tsang of The Times) was interviewed. She allegedly said in the documentary that the bullying allegations against Markle were false. Bear in Ultimately, this is the same woman who swore to Justice Warby that Markle had nothing to do with the contents of Finding Freedom. Meanwhile, Jason Knauf provided evidence recently to suggest otherwise, as told by Holly Christodoulou and Emma James for the Sun.

Omid Scobie, a mouthpiece for the Sussexes is in the documentary. Ultimately, this comes after a part of another documentary was removed at the request of Prince William.


When the senior royals asked to see The Princes and the Press, Rajan refused. If he feels the way he does, why is he reporting on the monarchy? He chose to interview people who lean towards the Sussexes. Also, having Meghan’s lawyer involved is a way of doing damage control.

Anyone who is anti-monarchy shouldn’t be allowed to produce any form of media as they will be biased. Involving their allies is their way of softening the blow of their failings.

Why The Senior Royals Need To Fight Back

To conclude, we wanted to say that the senior royals need to do all they can to fight back against the anti-monarchy movement. These people want to ruin history. Moreover, they’re part of the woke crowd who complain and whine about everything because it doesn’t fit with their idea of what the world should be.

What’s more, is many of these woke folk will side with the victimhood of someone else. These types of people are usually narcissists themselves. While they refer to themselves as activists, they’re just professional moaners who cannot make sense of life. Moreover, they grab onto an ancient institution, attempting to tear it down by making up flaws. They also consider themselves warriors who have to rid the earth of toxicity.

We’re sure that even The Queen will admit that the monarchy isn’t perfect. After all, in her 95 years of life, she has seen everything from abdications to terrorist attacks meant to bring England to its knees. Her Majesty has lost so much in the last thirty years. She faced public scrutiny in the days following Princess Diana’s death. The Queen Mother and Princess Margaret died within weeks of each other a couple of years later. Almost two decades later, Prince Philip dies while they’re dealing with their wayward son and grandson and his wife.

With Charles and William stepping up, the Queen needs to know everything is safe. Moreover, the Prince of Wales could not be more prepared for when he becomes king. While it would be nice if he allow William to take over, you don’t mess with tradition.

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