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Coronavirus: US President Donald Trump Is A Colossal Idiot – He’s Been Telling Americans To Take An Anti-Malaria Drug That Is Unproven To Combat COVID-19


The world is struggling to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and Donald Trump is making things worse! He’s coming out saying that anti-malaria drugs will cure the coronavirus. This is an unproven fact!

Dear America, see what you’ve done? You’ve put an absolute prick in the White House over someone who would actual know how to lead a country. The Guardian reports that Donald Trump has said in a press conference that anti-malaria drugs would cure Coronavirus. Ah… it’s an unproven fact! Listen to the medical experts and do your own research! The president has no idea what he’s talking about.

In an article published on The Conversation by Katherine Seley-Radtke, details a study undertaken by a French Medical Journal. It reveals anti-malaria drugs DO NOT work in the case of COVID-19 as it doesn’t help combat the contagion.

Meanwhile, Seley-Radtke, who is a medicinal chemist wrote she’s been studying coronaviruses for the past few years. Her main concern is anti-malaria drugs are being labelled as high priority when they have zero effect on the contagion.

Yes, research has suggested that anti-malaria drugs and those used to combat HIV combined together will create a cure but even this is unproven. However, a vaccine or something to combat the virus is still up to a year away. The medical professionals are working as fast they can.

Whoever is giving Trump this information is begging for fights in pharmacies. Meanwhile, these drugs that are UNPROVEN to combat the Coronavirus. This is false hope and people will point fingers where it’s not warranted. Sadly, people are going to be throwing themselves into panicked frenzies if they aren’t careful. If anything, the prez needs to back up his statements with proof. He isn’t a medical professional and shouldn’t be saying things without evidence.

In conclusion, don’t go to the pharmacy and ask for anti-malaria drugs. Therefore, you need a prescription from your local doctor and need to be diagnosed with the disease [malaria] to be prescribed.

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