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ANNOUNCEMENT: We’re Now An Affiliate Of The Stargirl Wiki!


We have BIG news!

Hey Stargirl fans! C.J. here! I don’t normally do first person posts, but I have a HUGE announcement regarding the future of our DC’s Stargirl content. Now, before you all begin freaking out, it’s nothing bad. I got an interesting DM on Twitter yesterday from one of the admins of the Stargirl wiki site about becoming an affiliate.

Now, for those who don’t already know, many of the images I use on the Stargirl posts here on the site are actually from the show’s wiki. I’ve also edited a few of the pages on the Fandom to help provide a bit more information and context for anyone who is a newbie to the series.

What To Expect From Being An Affiliate

Jillian, the admin who contacted me gave me a brief rundown of what to expect from being an affiliate. While there’s no income involved (not real worried about that), we will be contributing content in the form of blog posts. Types of posts include:

  • Interviews with site admins and fans
  • Trivia posts
  • Special edition posts
  • Theories (hopefully nothing too far fetched)

There’s more ideas on the way, it’s just a case of brainstorming ideas.

On average, the wiki garners anywhere between 5k-8k views a day. However, when the first season was airing, they had between 15k-35k views a day given how invested fans were to finding out new information about the series.

As an affiliate, it would mean that Project Fangirl will receive a higher number of views which means publicity and social media followers if we’re lucky.

What This Affiliation Isn’t About

Now, I didn’t agree to join forces with the Stargirl for the publicity or the chance of a higher follower count on my socials. I wanted to join this partnership because I thought it would be a fun way to join forces with a fandom that doesn’t delve into toxic behaviour the way most others do.

While it is nice to have a following, that’s not the reason behind the team up. Having spoken to the admins on Twitter in the past, I can see how passionate they are about Stargirl. It was a massive surprise to me when I watched the premiere back in May. I was so blown away by how incredibly thought out the series was and I haven’t felt that way about a television show in ages.

I’ve also been editing on the Wiki for a while I was just blown away with how lovely everyone is. Sure, there are disagreements, but they don’t turn nasty. Agree to disagree would be the best way to describe it.

Other Affiliates

The wiki has a number of other affiliates including:

Nothing Changes

So, before I sign off this post, I want to remind everyone that nothing about our Stargirl posts will change. There may be a few small things, but nothing that will be too noticeable. Being an affiliate of such an amazing site is going to be so much fun. If you have ideas for posts, be sure to drop a comment or send me a DM on Twitter @cjhawk93.

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