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Home And Away: Angelo Rosetta Returns To Solve A Murder!


He’s back and he’s a detective trying to solve a murder. Angelo Rosetta is returning to Summer Bay!

It’s been something we have known for a while but Luke Jacobz is reprising his role as Angelo Rosetta almost a decade after leaving Home and Away. A recent promo for what’s coming up next in the Australia sudser has revealed how he’s going to return.

There’s murder that is about to turn Summer Bay into a location of interest. Question is, who died? We suspect that someone has found Ross’ burnt remains and has called in the authorities.

For those of you trying to remember who Ross is, he’s Bella’s dad and Colby’s abusive stepfather who killed their mother and his [Colby’s] father and kidnapped his own daughter, his stepson’s then-wife Chelsea, and their friend Willow.

It has never been a secret that Angelo was returning as it was revealed in February that he would be returning to the Bay. According Jacobz, his first interaction will be with Alf which is super exciting.

What’s Happened To Nicole?

The last time we saw Angelo, he had gone to live in the city with his girlfriend Nicole and her infant son George. So… are they still together? Did they break up? We’re bound to get some answers soon and we could not be more excited to have him back.

It has also been revealed in set photos that Angelo was wearing a wedding ring and there was a woman with him but it wasn’t Tessa James who played Nicole. It could be possible that the character might’ve been recast like what happened with Quinn, Ryder’s mother.

Let’s not forget that Martha, Alf’s wife was a recast too and so was Roo. Believe it or not, Irene was as well. There’s a lot more that we won’t list now, but you get the idea.

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