COVID-19: Selfish People Are Stealing From Hospitals


With every day that passes, the world becomes more uncertain as COVID-19 drives a wedge into the heart of society. The situation has caused many scared people to steal vital supplies from hospitals…

Hospitals across Australia are struggling with the number of Coronavirus patients as it is. People are scared and will do anything to protect their families, even commit theft. Some are even resorting to stealing vital supplies like masks and hand sanitiser. It’s so bad that Emergency Doctor and television personality, Andrew Rochford has called out the behaviour on Twitter.

The good doc said at the start of his shift, there was 200 full bottles of hand sanitiser. At the end, only 10 remained. Do not say the staff went through 190 bottles in a few hours. They did not!

Dr Rochford said that stealing these items from hospitals is incredible dangerous, not just for him but other doctors and nurses on the frontlines fighting the virus. They need to clean their hands every time they deal with a different patient. Yes, people have become terrified, but stealing is not the answer.

The medical staff at every hospital around the world sacrifices their health for the rest of their local community on a daily basis. In some countries, medical staff have died from the virus. There have also been photos floating around some media outlets of medical professionals with scars on their faces left by the masks.

People, it’s time to think about other people. As we’ve mentioned numerous times before, the best of humanity came with the bushfires. Now, we’re seeing the absolute worst in people. Come on, folks! We’re all fighting the same battle here; Coronavirus. Think about the hospital staff who are out there right now saving people’s lives. Without them, we’d be on the brink of collapse.

Look Online For Stuff You Need!

If you need masks or hand sanitiser, please do not go to the hospital and steal it. As Doc Rochford said, we’re in this together. It’s time to begin fighting back. That’s the only way we’ll go back to our normal lives. Also, look online for masks and hand sanitiser. Or better yet, go to the supermarket when it’s early. Don’t go during the day because the stuff will be gone before you get there.

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