American Presidential Election 2020: 5 Reasons Why You Should Vote BidenHarris


Want reasons as to why you should vote for BidenHarris? We have five points we wanted to go over.

As an Australian publication, we have no right to publicise the US Presidential Election. However, what’s a little… push in the right direction, huh? It’s also all about public opinion. This is why we thought it would be nice to give struggling and potential voters a hand in choosing BidenHarris.

Now, these are just our opinions. Please don’t roast us!

1. BidenHarris Know What Family Really Means

One of the most important aspects of the BidenHarris campaign is family. Both have families and know important they as support.

Presidential hopeful Joe Biden is a devoted husband to his wife Jill, father to his children and grandfather to his many grandchildren. He supports his family in their endeavours. He was an amazing Vice President under Barrack Obama who is now endorsing him as a thank you for standing by him during his own presidency.

Kamala Harris is an extraordinary woman who would be an amazing Vice President. She is a devoted big sister, aunt, great-aunt, wife, and Momala (stepmother) who understands the inner workings of being a politician.

When you look photos of the BidenHarris duo together with their families, they look genuine. This is a massive comparsion to what we see with the Trumps where photos always look like promo material for a reality show like Keeping Up With the Kardashians. You almost never see Trump hugging his wife, Melania and their son, Barron.

2. BidenHarris Listen To Officials

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on a lot of people. Almost every week, Donald Trump doesn’t listen to anyone but his own advice. He has told the entirety of America to drink bleach to ‘kill the virus’ and to inject themselves with disinfectant. First off, that is dangerous and it could kill you.

Moreover, the current POTUS doesn’t care about the American people. He doesn’t want to listen to the public health officials who have been trying to advise the right course of action to save lives. Currently, over 200,000 people are dead because of Trump’s insistence of playing down the virus and saying it will just ‘disappear’.

The BidenHarris team are a force that will listen to health advice given to them by officials. They will talk with people advising them and ensure that no decision is rushed and will not cause serious harm to the American people as a whole.

Also, as a former Vice President, Biden knows when someone is BS-ing him. He would never jeopardise hundreds of thousands of lives.

3. BidenHarris Don’t Lie or Downplay Things

A massive criticism from Donald Trump’s presidency is that he majorly downplayed the coronavirus pandemic. He went on the record with journalist Bob Woodward according to the BBC, claiming that he didn’t want to cause a panic amongst the American people.

Also, he said later that he didn’t downplay when he was recorded in saying he did. If you were to vote BidenHarris, you wouldn’t have to worry about being lied to. They will never lie about something as big as a coronavirus. If there’s a problem that could affect America, they will be the first ones you’ll hear it from.

4. They Respect Military Veterans

Joe Biden is the father of serviceman and has great respect for the countless men and women who lay down their lives for their country. All Trump does is disrespect them.

Trump’s brother, Fred Jr was a member of the Air National Guard during his life and he was bullied by his brother (Donald) and their dad, Fred Snr. They called him a loser for wanting to protect his country.

President Trump has called military servicemen and women, suckers and losers because many of them have died defending their country. Is that the type of Commander-in-Chief you want serving you? A man who has a blatant hatred for armed forces that keep America safe?

BidenHarris will never disrespect those who went to war to protect America from forces that want to harm the US people.

5. They Respect All People, No Matter Who They Are

When it comes all walks of life, ethnicities, sexual orientations, cultures, and religions, BidenHarris respect everyone and don’t discriminate. All Trump does is criticise people who don’t think like him. He even made fun of Swedish activist Great Thunberg because she has Asperger syndrome. This is so sick and wrong. Does America really want a man in the White House that talks trash about those who are different to him?

Mary L. Trump, President Trump’s niece has come out saying that her grandmother once called Elton John something terrible because he was gay. This caused her to hold off telling her grandmother that she too was gay because she couldn’t bear to tell someone who was a homophobe. Donald is the same way.

Trump trash talks people and has a strategy when it comes to debates; talk over them and the moderator. Smooth, right? WRONG! The man has zero filter who doesn’t think about the consequences just because he’s a billionaire who thinks the law is beneath him.

With BidenHarris, America will be able to resume some form of normal life because they want the same things the people want. They want justice for the deaths of all the black people who died because of police brutality and all the people that died because of COVID-19.

They are the future of America. Trump should be prison and he should stay there.

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