Australian Journalist Amelia Brace Testifies To US Congressional Committee After Being Shot At By Police


Seven Network Journalist and US Correspondent Amelia Brace has spoken out about her treatment in a session of the US Congressional Committee over how she and her cameraman were treated during the Black Lives Matter protests outside the White House.

Amelia Brace is a brave soul and so is her cameraman, Tim Myers. In June 1, they were attacked outside the White House while reporting on the Black Lives Matter protests for the Seven Network.

They were shot at with rubber bullets while outside the White House and they were both attacked by the Police just so President Donald Trump could walk to a church for a photo op. According to an article by ABC News, the committee is investigating the actions of the Police.

In the footage, which was being viewed live on morning breakfast show Sunrise, Brace can be heard screaming as she and Myers were struck. During her time on the stand, she has said the following:

As a reporter I have no interest in becoming the story but over recent weeks many of us have been left with no choice.

Amelia Brace on her experience of becoming the news story

In relation to other journalists being attacked, she said:

I’ve been shocked to see how many journalists have been attacked, beaten and detained just for doing their jobs.

Amelia Brace on other journalists being attacked

Amelia has every right to say what she has about her experiences. She and Tim were simply doing what they were told to do; report on the situation and do their jobs to the best of their abilities. The Police didn’t care about who they hurt because they’re on the President’s payroll and if they refuse, they don’t get paid.

Police Brutality Needs To Stop!

There is a reason a lot of people don’t trust the police in America and anywhere else in the world. Many think they are above the law because of the institution they serve. We’re not saying all law enforcement is like this. They do a lot for the people of their community, but there those who abuse their power.

Look at all the civilian deaths in custody. The whole reason why people have been rioting in the streets is because a white police officer and his colleagues contributed to the death of an unarmed black man. Then, there’s whole mistaken identity thing of Breonna Taylor which within itself is messed up.

Amelia Brace said when she gave evidence that she and Myers told the Police they were with the media. However, they [the police] simply didn’t care and plowed into them like they were breaking down a door. This needs to stop! You don’t see the police here in Australia doing that. At least, our politicians don’t tell our law enforcement officials to attack civilians who are protesting.

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