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Home And Away: Alternative THEORY – Colby Dies In Prison At The Hands Of One Of Ross’ Mates


There is no denying that Ross Nixon was horrible human being. He killed Colby’s parents and kidnapped his own daughter. Now, we have an alternative theory of might happen to the police officer once he is caught for killing his stepfather…

A little while ago, we posted a theory regarding what happens to Colby and when Tim Franklin could potentially exit Home and Away if this ends up being the case. We’ve theorised that the former River Boy ends up in prison for killing stepdad, Ross and that Dean, Heath Braxton, some of their mates, and the Paratas could decide to break him out. But, it ends in tragedy with the disgraced cop being killed. Well, we’ve got an alternative version we wanted to explore.

After looking through what’s to come for 2021 on Back to the Bay, we realised that given the pandemic, much of this year’s episodes were pushed back as filming was halted for a few months. We might not even see the stuff with Heath until early next year as episodes are filmed months before they air.

So, without further ado, let’s launch into our alternative theory.

Starts Out The Same… But Things Heat Up Real Quickly…

So, our theory still plays out the same as it originally. Dean calls in a favor from the Paratas, despite their feelings towards Colby and some his River Boy mates. He even gets Heath involved. We can just imagine how that would go down with Bianca.

Here’s where the alternative part comes in.

As Dean readies his friends for the greatest prison escape ever, Colby is being harassed by some guys who were friendly with Ross. He tries to ignore them but can’t shake them even as the prison guards try to step in.

Ambushed And Left For Dead

Colby finds himself ambushed and is attacked to the point where his injuries are fatal. Outside, the prison Dean and his mates ready himself to break in when he gets a frantic call from Willow or Bella who tells him that Thorne is dead.

A furious Dean lashes out as his anger becomes sadness and he is comforted by the Paratas.

Back in the Bay, the news has spread of Colby’s death and the town mourns as they rally around Bella, Willow, and Dean.

Angelo And Taylor

Now, we just thought we would add another reaction to our alternative theory.

Angelo is likely to come under fire from Dean and Bella for the role in played in Colby’s sentencing. It’s possible that Taylor might have a thing or two to say to her estranged husband.

Taylor fell in love with Colby while unaware he was playing her to get information. However, she hasn’t been exactly helpful because Angelo tells her basically zero about the case. She is likely to hate her husband for the role he played getting Thorne killed.

Does Colby Deserve To Go Out With A Bang?

If the rumour is true and Tim Franklin has left, does Colby deserve to go out with a bang? Yes, we think he should. He has changed into someone we, the fans, don’t recognise. Once upon a time, he was the level headed one, but now he’s putting everyone at risk.

Colby has become cocky as the situation becomes more dramatic. He thought because he’s a cop, he wouldn’t get caught for killing Ross if he controlled some aspects of the case.

In conclusion, he is not the first character we’ve gone from liking to despising. Remember Brody, one of Justin and Tori’s brothers? Towards the end of his time in the Bay, he entered an affair with Simone while still married to Ziggy. As he went to leave, he told Dean that he wasn’t any good for his ex-wife and basically told him he was trash.

With Dean and Ziggy now broken up, this provided that Brody was right when he said that the pair wouldn’t last.

Colby needs to realise he’s going to get caught. One way or another.

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