The Almond Factor

For about a year, I have had an issue with my health where I’m constantly having the urge to gag or throw up. It all started with greasy food and just evolved into something else. I went for tests and they didn’t come up with anything suspicious. Upon my last visit to the doctor, I told him what was going on and he suggested changing the milk I drink. Mind you, I have never once had an allergy to milk or dairy in general at all in my life. it appears to be working as I now only have the occasional reaction to milk. Hence the reason The Almond Factor was born.

As of currently, whatever it is I have, is still a mystery.

Why The Almond Factor?

I wanted to write about my experiences and put them out into the open as a way of reassuring people who have ailments no one can explain that they aren’t alone. I wanted to also document my journey with almond milk and how it affects my health as a whole. Another thing, I wanted to show people that using special products to enhance your diet doesn’t have to include the likes of disgusting inedible foods.

What’s With The Name ‘The Almond Factor’?

I didn’t really have a reason for the name. It was totally random, but I knew I wanted something that related to almond milk.

Where Can I Find The Almond Factor’s Articles?

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