Batwoman: Kate Might Still Be Alive!


Kate’s family are given a little bit of hope in this week’s episode of Batwoman when it’s revealed she could still be alive…

Is Kate is still alive? It appears that way as Safiyah reveals it wasn’t her that shot the Scarlet Knight’s plane out of the sky. Meanwhile, her sister Mary and their friend Luke continue to disagree over Ryan being Batwoman. Elsewhere, Jacob sends a bunch of Crows agents to work out what the passcode is on his daughter’s recovered phone after he is unable to get in contact with Mary or Sophie.

Luke continues to struggle with Kate’s disappearance and doesn’t want Ryan to remain as Batwoman. His thoughts clash with Mary who knows her sister isn’t coming back and wants their new friend to take over the mantle.

Ryan feels displaced because of Luke’s reluctance to allow her to become Batwoman full-time. However, when she goes after Victor Zsasz and is insulted, it gives her more confidence to alter the Bat suit. When the tech expert finds out what she did, he’s not happy.


Sophie and Alice who were kidnapped by Safiyah’s henchwoman Tatiana during last episode end up on Safiyah’s home tuft. It’s here that she reveals that she did not have Kate’s plan shot out of the sky. Also, the leader of the Wonderland gang indirectly tells her rival that Mary has the Desert Rose serum that she stole from the criminal lady.

What was awesome about this is that we’re seeing a side to Alice that we haven’t seen before. One that is cautious and actually willing to even the playing field without the need to kill someone.

Safiyah’s reveal that Kate might’ve been on the island with her by showing Alice her ruby necklace was fascinating. She gives us League of Assassin vibes.

Also, Sophie’s role in delivering the news to Jacob that his daughter might still be alive is the right move. The scene would’ve worked with Mary, but her having deal with Victor Zsasz attacking and almost killing her was enough.

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