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Sussexes Show Ageist, Sexist, And Overall Prejudice Attitude Towards BBC Journalists

Ageist; condition

When we thought the Sussexes couldn’t sink any lower, they have entered ageist territory…

The Sussexes have now resorted to ageist attacks on the media to get what they want. In an article published yesterday by The Mirror, Prince Harry and Meghan’s PR team has allegedly told the BBC to ‘not only use old white men’ on its coverage of the Oprah interview. Now, we don’t know about anyone else, but this is also incredibly sexist and in a lot of ways, racist towards white people.

Just for the record, racism doesn’t just effect the black communities of the world, but the white people in society too. Also, we’re not defending either side of the race equation but has it escaped anyone’s notice that Harry is a white dude and yet, he and his wife who is biracial wanted ‘a broad range of contributors’ to report on their tell-all with Oprah.

Who do they think they are? They started this unprecedented war on the media because they didn’t like the coverage they were getting. Yes, the UK press started it by calling Meghan a number of racist slurs, but it was Harry that put out the statement (when they were dating) to leave her alone. No one even knew she was biracial until it hit the tabloids.

Now, the Mirror reports that a source told The Sun newspaper the following:

To be told how to conduct its coverage by a PR person is a bit strange to say the least. This is the UK, not China.

BBC Meet Harry And Meghan, Duke And Duchess Of Woke

There is a lot to be made by this quote. It shows that the Sussexes are trying to control the narrative and keep anything they deem a falsehood out of the news. What are they trying to hide, exactly? By displaying ageist and sexist attitudes towards the BBC, then they’re offending every white man who works for the broadcaster.

As we’ve stated before, Prince Harry is caucasian, born to two white parents so, why would he be ordering his and Meghan’s probably very white PR team not to have ‘old white men’ be the only ones to report on the interview? As we’ve stated a hundred times, it’s an attempt to control the media.

When the The Mirror reported the quote from the Sun, it should be noted that the BBC was just as confused as everyone else. PR companies contact them daily, but don’t dictate how to promote their clients. It is astonishing that the Sussex team would reach out and tell them how to report the couple. If this actually happened – then it goes to show what type of individuals they truly are; control freaks who want everyone to like them.

People see through the facade they are putting on and it’s getting really old. Not in an ageist way. Also, we need to ask, why they suddenly have an issue with ‘men’? They do realise Harry is a man, don’t they? The PR team and the Sussexes are out of touch with reality and it shows.

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