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The Bold And The Beautiful: Just Let Liam And Steffy Get Back Together


Regardless if you would consider Steffy and Liam’s one night stand as an affair, just have them get back together. Put Hope and Finn out of their misery!

Today’s The Bold and the Beautiful saw Steffy and Liam confess that they still have deep romantic feelings for each other. Their affair, if you can even call it that, is only going to lead them back together. While it wasn’t said outright, they all but called Hope and Finn their rebounds because they couldn’t be together with Kelly. They’re SO full of it!

One night isn’t going to stop them. Why don’t they just drop Hope and Finn and get back together already?! Fans are so sick of them using their significant others as shields. Steam is not over and it’s obvious. Sure, Brad Bell has said they’re not getting back together but there’s got to be something deeper going on. We don’t trust what he says. He loves the Steam pairing and he wants their affair to continue.

Instagrammer @hopebethspencer made an excellent observation. Here’s what they posted:

Steffy Doesn’t Love Finn

Steffy might claim she loves Finn but it’s painfully obvious that she doesn’t. She doesn’t even feel guilty her for affair with Liam. What makes this painful to watch is that he has never done anything to hurt her. EVER! Did she only decide to date him because she couldn’t have her ex-husband?

Probably. She should never have dated Finn in the first place if she still had feelings for Liam. He hasn’t done anything wrong. Steffy deserves to lose him and he should be with someone who has experience in playing second fiddle to the Forrester heiress; Hope would be a good option.

Hope Has Always Come In Second Place

Liam claims Hope is the love of his life, but he always runs back to Steffy. He doesn’t think about his wife’s feelings at all. He doesn’t realise that she is sick and tired of coming in second to her stepsister. Also, he needs to quit with his animosity when it comes to Thomas.

If Liam knew Hope at all, he would know how compassionate she is. She also wouldn’t cheat on him as she is NOT Steffy. All she [Steffy] ever does is sleep with every man who is not her in her family.

Having and affair with his ex-wife makes Liam no different to her.

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