Acne Smacne! 5 Ways To Eliminate Acne!


It’s time to fight acne with acne.

Acne is a menace that can shatter confidence in one’s appearance. We’ve tried countless methods of getting rid of pimples. Most of the products we have tried didn’t work for us. That doesn’t mean they won’t work for you.

1. Wash Your Face With Micellar Water

Micellar Water
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We use Garnier’s Micellar Water and it’s not because we’re interested in following trends. it works for us in the best way. Our skin has never felt cleaner.

2. Use Sapoderm Soap

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When we were younger, we tried everything to get rid of our acne. When we developed terrible eczema on our legs As a teenager, acne massively was our enemy. Our grandmother gave us Sapoderm soap and became our god. Not literally, but pretty close. It saved our skin and has been a go-to ever since.

3. Avoid Using Oil Based Products

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If you’re like us and have oily skin, it’s best to avoid oil-based products. You can use oil-based micellar water if you have dry skin but steer away from any of these products if have you have severely oily skin.

4. Avoid A Fringe

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Another factor that might surprise you is that your fringe (or bangs for our American friends) can cause acne. If you have oily skin and oily hair, it can cause a breakout on your forehead. This is something we learned from experience.

5. Don’t Squeeze Pimples!

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Do NOT squeeze your pimples! The oil inside the zit will spread across your skin and will break out elsewhere, and may cause scarring.

If acne persists, use a non-oil based product to eliminate your pimples. It may take some time for the wash or product to work. Just be patient.


There we have it! Five ways to eliminate your acne. Please note that not all these tips may work for you. Everyone is To end this post, we have to advise that you see a skin specialist if you are unsure about skin treatment. We are not a medical service. Please do NOT think we’re issuing medical advice.

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