Acne Smacne! 5 Ways To Eliminate Acne!


Acne is not fun, especially when it’s visible. Though, there are ways to keep it to a minimum.

If you’re anything like us, you will have tried every way possible to eliminate acne. Well, you’ll be thrilled to know there are multiple ways to cut back on the pimples that may appear at any given moment.

1. Wash Your Face With Micellar Water

Micellar Water
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If you’ve been following skincare trends for the last couple of years, you might have heard about Micellar Water. Almost every skincare brand has their own version of the product. We use Garnier’s Micellar Water. We tested it with a small bottle and found that it worked for us so we bought a 700mL bottle when it was on sale.

2. Use Sapoderm Soap

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When we were younger, we tried everything to get rid of our acne. When we developed terrible eczema on our legs which caused marks that we wanted no one to see. What’s more is we tried every way possible to get rid of it. Our nan knew we were struggling to find something that worked for acne so she went out and bought a box of Sapoderm Soap for us.

After a couple of weeks, the marks on my legs started to heal and we’ve never looked back. We’re still using the soap today for our face and arms.

3. Avoid Using Oil Based Products

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If you’re like us and have oily skin, it’s best to avoid oil based products. You can oil based micellar water if you have dry skin, but steer away from any of these products if have you have severely oily skin.

Oil based products on oily skin is like lighting a fire to get rid of fire. It will clog your pores even more than the natural oil from the skin. However, some oil-infused products can be used for ALL skin types. Check the bottle before you consider buying anything for oily skin.

4. Avoid Having A Fringe (Bangs) If You Have Oily Hair And Oily Skin

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Another factor that might surprise you that can causing acne breakout is your fringe (or bangs for our American friends). If you have oily skin as well as oily hair, it cause a breakout on your forehead. This is something we learned from experience.

When we were younger we had a fringe and incredibly bad acne. As we tried every product known to man, our forehead would clear up and then break out agin. It was then our grandmother (RIP Nan!) suggested omitting the fringe altogether. After that, the acne stayed away. Even to this day we avoid having one.

5. Don’t Squeeze Pimples!

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Our last tip is to not squeeze your pimples! If you do this, the oil and bacteria in side the zit will spread across your skin and will break out elsewhere on your skin. Squeezing your pimples may cause scarring to your face.

If acne persists, use a non-oil based product to eliminate your pimples. It may take some time for the wash or product to work. Just be patient.


There we have it, folks! Five ways to eliminate your acne. Please note that not all these tips may work for you. Everyone is different and please do NOT substitute our tips for medical advice. If you’re concerned about the natural of your acne, please contact a doctor or skin specialist.

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