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The Abysmal Practices Some Journalists Take To Better Themselves


Abysmal is just one word for it…

When you often think ‘journalism’, most think of the tabloids, better known as the gossip rags that spew pure garbage. While it’s true and there are some pretty horrible things that are written for clicks or sales, there are also good. Actual journalists check their facts and know what is true and what is not. However, there are those who will acquire abysmal practices just to acquire a career-high scoop. Or, they simply agree with their subject without looking into the claims further.

It is our belief that journalism should be about telling the truth by examining both sides of the story that is being told. It should not be considered to be creative writing like tabloids mostly are. Trust us, we’ve written about this before and it ain’t pretty.

This has nothing to do with skin colour, sexual orientation, appearance, or religion. We’re talking journalistic ethics and how getting one’s hands around information isn’t always black and white. We’re also going to be looking over the bias that often occurs if the journalist in question is a companion of their subject.

What astounds us the most is how people seem to believe these morally questionable journalists who were known for their accuracy in the past but have suddenly decided to take their subject at their word. We’re going to be exploring this as well so grab your popcorn buckets and your favourite beverage because this is going to be detailed.

Examples Of Abysmal Behaviour From Journalists – Martin Bashir

[Credit: The Union Journal]

When it comes to abysmal journalistic ethics, look no further than Martin Bashir. He became a household name when he interviewed Diana, Princess of Wales in 1995 for the BBC’s Panorama program. For those who don’t know, it’s like Britain’s version of 60 Minutes. Then a rookie reporter, this sit-down made his career skyrocket.

However, Bashir used dirty tactics to secure the interview with the Princess of Wales. He had receipts and bank statements falsified. He used Diana’s brother Earl Spencer as a tool. At the time, the royal was in a fragile state. Her marriage to Prince Charles was hanging by a thread due to his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles.

These documents alleged that the nanny to Diana’s two sons, Tiggy Legge-Bourke had had an abortion. The allegations which were at least 18 months old prompted the Princess of Wales to become hostile. This also stemmed from the affection William and Harry had for the woman who had become a companion to them.

Bashir fed off Diana’s paranoia that Charles wanted to replace her with Tiggy. Martin presented her with a ‘receipt’ of the supposed abortion. This fear of the Princess’ had started as early as 1993 as she wrote to Paul Burrell about it, as told in 2008 by the Guardian.

The situation would not be the last time Bashir played dirty to get an advance in his career. Taj Jackson, the nephew of the late singer, Michael Jackson told Sunrise‘s Nat and Kochie (as per a clip on Twitter) the reporter used deceitful editing. The 2003 interview was recorded over eight months to form a documentary.

According to Taj, there was a document that had a signature that didn’t look like Michael’s. Also, his uncle was meant to have the final say over the edit.

Examples Of Abysmal Behaviour From Journalists – Oprah Winfrey

[Credit: Inc. Magazine]

If you want an example of bias, look no further than Oprah Winfrey. Usually renown for her interviewing skills, she has come away from her tell-all with newfound besties, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle looking rather absurd. Referring to the sit down ‘as one of her best’, she didn’t realise that there were two sides to the story. While it was meant to be for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to tell their side of what lead to their departure from royal life, she didn’t bother to look into any of their claims.

Oprah has a habit of telling people to speak ‘their truth’ rather than the actual truth. When the interview dropped, media outlets and people online (including this very blog) ended up in a debunking frenzy. Meghan critic and British journalist Piers Morgan said he found at least 17 lies or mistruths in the tell-all according to news.com.au.

It became apparent the second Oprah showed up at the 2018 wedding that something was going between the Sussexes and the former talk show queen. If what Meghan says in the interview is true when there was a ‘tell-all’ in the works prior to the nuptials, then it was planned for a while. Now, what could they have talked about? Markle hadn’t done ANY noteworthy work at that time. She didn’t have a title then. Would people have tuned in if it hadn’t been for her change of status in society? Probably not and the former actress and Winfrey knew this.

Going back to Oprah, she needs to stop thinking about the imaginary colour of Meghan’s skin and consider her actions. Had Markle remained an actor, then Winfrey would’ve considered her like any ordinary person. However, this all changed when she got a title and married to trueborn royalty.

Examples Of Abysmal Behaviour From Journalists – Gayle King

[Credit: AP News]

Gayle King is no better than Oprah. She displays bias because of her allegedly close relationship with Harry and Meghan. She is besties with the talk show queen and therefore, is buddies with the Sussexes. King was even given permission by Harry to tell the whole world that talks with Charles and William were unproductive. Let’s not forget how she questioned how Prince Philip had died and then, there was the sexist gaffe towards Princess Anne.

King needs to keep her mouth shut at all times. Before Meghan became a royal, she possibly didn’t even think twice about the royals. Unless she is asked for her opinion, she needs to stop being a mouthpiece for Harry and Meghan. She does not understand how the British Royal Family works outside of what she has heard from the Sussexes. Much like with Oprah, Gayle needs to do her research before she utters another word that could land her in even more hot water.

Finally, Gayle’s loyalty to the Sussexes is unparalleled to a follower of a cult who cannot determine the right from the wrong. She claims to have spoken to them and that they have proof of the wrongdoings against them. If there was, she would’ve said what this ‘evidence’ is. This is a bluff if we ever saw one. Too bad very few people believe it.

Examples Of Abysmal Behaviour From Journalists – Omid Scobie

[Millions of Celebs]

The names ‘Meghan Markle’ and ‘Omid Scobie’ together like ham and cheese. If you want bias and sickly sweet journalism, look no further than this guy. He claims to be a royal reporter but all he talks about is the Sussexes in the best possible light. He worships the Duchess because she is biracial just like him. This does not make a person special. There are a load of biracial journalists around the world who do not scream their ethnicity from the rooftops of their offices.

Omid is considered a friend to at least Meghan as it has been widely reported in the media. He co-wrote Finding Freedom with Carolyn Durand who appears to have not been too fussed while he was promoting the book as it was mostly just him. Also, he acted as if the book was just his pet project. An actual royal correspondent/reporter/expert doesn’t just talk about one set of royals. They talk about ALL of them.

If anything, Omid should have his credentials checked or scrapped. It has been speculated he has been leaking stories to the press on the Sussexes’ orders. This is not a true journalist. This is a man wanting to do right by his idol.

Bias And One-Sided Narratives

[Credit: Elle]

Harry and Meghan talk a lot about ‘unconscious bias’ but what about the journalists who choose to back them or someone else without gathering their facts first? True journalism is about telling the truth and gathering the story from trustworthy sources. It should never be a one-sided conversation. This is what Scobie, Winfrey, and King do when it come to the Sussexes.

Oprah has a real thing about allowing a person to tell ‘their truth’ rather than the actual truth. We know we’ve spoken about this a lot over the last few weeks, but it has never been more important. There should be no such thing as ‘their truth’. There should only be THE truth. The other is what the woke believe in. As the saying goes, ‘There is more than one side to every story.’

People should’ve woken up to the actual truth the second all the debunking happened. While it worked to a degree, there are those who still believe in the bias BS that these one-sided journalists have sprouted.

The issue a lot of people had with the likes of these journalists is how they seem to favor one side over the other. Look at Oprah. As we have already stated, she didn’t check out what they were saying and just took everything they said at face value. Also, she is their friend and would’ve believed their side of the story anyway if she wanted to remain in their good graces. Meghan did send O overpriced coffee after all.

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