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The Situation With Jessica Mulroney And Duchess Meghan Just Keeps Getting Worse!


Jessica Mulroney, the former BFF of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex is in a real bind! She has reportedly been trying to contact her former friend but is being ghosted given her behaviour regarding her feud with Sasha Exeter. It would appear it’s an abuse of friendship on the stylist’s part.

Sorry, Jessica Mulroney but you’ve just been ghosted! As the best friend of Meghan Markle, the fashionista and stylist had it all. She even played a part in the Duchess of Sussex’s wedding where she helped with the kids. Basically, she was the new version of Pippa Middleton, but the pal, not the little sister. Anyway, there is an abuse of friendship going on and it’s not right!

We hate the divide Meghan has caused within the royal family by making her husband choose between her and their son and the Firm. However, even she does not deserve the abuse of friendship Jessica has thrown her way.

Jessica Mulroney And The BFF Status

Mulroney; abuse of friendship
[Credit: Insider]

Since Meghan’s time on Suits, Jessica has been there as a stylist and as a friend. However, since the 2018 royal wedding that saw Markle become Mrs. Prince Harry of Wales, Mulroney’s fame has skyrocketed. She is known purely as the BFF of the Duchess of Sussex and the mother of two of the page boys and one of the flowergirls.

After the wedding, she became a consultant on Good Morning America as a fashion stylist. She only got this gig because of her connection to Meghan. However, she lost it after being called out by black blogger Sasha Exeter for flaunting her white privilege during a massive misunderstanding.

What was this ‘massive understanding’ exactly? Well, Sasha posted a call-to-action in support of the Black Lives Matter movement with a generic caption and Mulroney thought it was about her due to her lack of support for BLM.

Meghan is believed to be ‘horrified’ by her best friend’s actions which include threatening to sue Exeter that she [Meghan] ended up cutting her [Jessica] off. Some even suspect that Mulroney was using her friendship with the Duchess for her own purposes.

No Call For Ivy

[Credit: People]

It is believed that Meghan is the godmother of Jessica’s only daughter, Ivy. With the little girl’s birthday come and gone, the duchess has not even gotten in contact with her goddaughter.

While we understand how Meghan might’ve felt about her best friend making such a horrible assumption and then threatening a lawsuit, there’s more to this than what people think.

If Jessica cared about Meghan at all, she would have stopped and thought about how her actions might affect her. However, she didn’t and she was only thinking about her own reputation. A report claims that Mulroney has been calling the Duchess non-stop but has not gotten through to her.

While Meghan did the right thing in giving Jessica the cold shoulder, it was not okay for her to shun the kids. They did nothing wrong. Sure, they’re a direct link to their mother but they should at least be civil for the sake of them. The kids would probably be asking where their Aunt Meghan is and why they can’t talk to her.

Jessica The Opportunist?

[Credit: IrishCentral]

Is Jessica using her friendship with Meghan to further her own career? It is possible, but we don’t know this for sure. It’s likely that she feels the Duchess of Sussex owes her for making her the person she is now. After all, she did introduce her to a load of connections when she was starring on Suits.

Do we call this an abuse of friendship? We’re not really sure what to call it as we can neither confirm nor deny what some of the media outlets are claiming. If it is true then we can’t say we were surprise. Meghan can now walk on her own two feet. She doesn’t need Jessica to support her and vice versa. However, cutting off Ivy and her brothers was not right.

If Jessica wasn’t best known for being the BFF of Meghan Markle, what would she be famous for? Sure, she’s the daughter-in-law of former Canadian Prime Minster Brian Mulroney and she’s a stylist to a lot of famous people, but that doesn’t make her special. There’s thousands of people in Hollywood in a similar position to her.

Do we have sympathy for Jessica? Absolutely not. She said terrible things about a woman who wasn’t even talking about her. It’s disgusting that she flaunted her white privilege to get what she wanted. If we were Meghan, we would’ve dumped her too.

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