The Bachelor Australia’s Abbie Chatfield Is Still Garnering Publicity And She’s Offending People Big Time

Abbie Chatfield

Matt Agnew might be with fellow scientist Chelsie McLeod, but its runner up Abbie Chatfield who is still stirring the tea and not in a good way.

Regardless if you watched Matt Agnew’s season of the Bachelor Australia, you would’ve heard of Abbie Chatfield. She’s the one who schemed and lied her way to the second place spot before leaving South Africa heartbroken. From claiming she ‘blacked out’ during filming of the final episode to allegedly hearing one of the other girls saying a revolting slur, she’s been there, done that.

Despite not winning the 2019 Bachie’s heart, she has caused a stir with former contestants, Rachael and Vakoo. The pair who are now a couple, have clapped back at Abbie for questioning how legimate their relationship is. In a recent episode of the Outspoken podcast, she takes a stab at Rachael and Vakoo’s relationship, suggesting if they’re gay-baiting everyone.

For anyone who doesn’t know what queer-baiting is, it’s a term used in marketing and media that hints at a same-sex romance just to draw the LGBT audience. In regards to the Rachael and Vakoo situation, they’ve fired back saying she’s just saying shit to get attention. We would have to agree with them.


Vakoo took to Instagram to voice her disgust but doesn’t mention Abbie by name. In the Instagram story she posted over the weekend, she says:

You know what I can’t stand? How some girls are so hung up over the Bach and are still trying to prove that they were “portrayed wrong”. Babe, if I’m being honest, you were portrayed nice considering what type of human being  you actually are. Stop lying and trying to prove you aren’t that person. I’ve never met someone who cares so much. Let it go! It’s over. Stop lying and STILL trying to make yourself the victim. Keep my name out of your mouth. I’m in Cape Town trying to live my best life.

Go, Vakoo! We have to remember that both Vakoo and Rachael weren’t in the Bachelor Mansion long enough to get to know Abbie properly. However, they must know her enough to see what type of person she is.

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