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From MCU To Sony: Aaron Taylor-Johnson To Play Kraven The Hunter


From Quicksilver to Kraven…

He’s no stranger to playing the superhero but what about an iconic Spider-Man villain? Aaron Taylor-Johnson is best known for playing Kickass and Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver. Now, he’s about to take on the role of the pretty iconic Kraven the Hunter as per Variety.

Kraven the Hunter will get his own film in the Sony Pictures universe of Marvel characters. Venom has already has a film under his belt. A second movie is on the way but keeps getting pushed back because of coronavirus. Also, Morbius the Living Vampire has a movie coming too.

Born as Sergei Kravinoff, sees himself as the best hunter in the world due to his impressive skills in tracking and hunting. He has gone up against Peter Parker’s iteration of Spider-Man and is also known as being a bit of an anti-hero. A bit like Loki if you really want a comparsion.

Kraven has never appeared in a live-action project but there has been nods to him. In the MCU, a sequence in Spider-Man Far From Home which was cut but later released as the short Peter’s To-Do List had a thug in leopard print. He also played a small recurring role in the animated 2017 series, Spider-Man where he hunts Peter and his friend Miles Morales as part of his reality television show.

We’re still unsure how the MCU Spider-Man films will link to the Sony Pictures Spider-Man universe, if at all. Tom Holland himself has said that the upcoming Spider-Man No Way Home is his last MCU film on contract. However, he did say that if they wanted him to return as the webhead, he would be happy to take on the role again.

As of currently, we don’t have any information about what the Kraven the Hunter film will entail.

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