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How The A Christmas Prince Movies Share Similar Aspects To The British Royal Family’s Meghan Markle

A Christmas Prince

It’s time for a viewing of A Christmas Prince and its two sequels…

A Christmas Prince and its two sequels have quickly become three of our favourite holiday movies in recent years. Rose McIver shines as Amber Moore, a wannabe journalist trying to make her mark on the world. The sequels expand on her journey by plucking inspiration from an unlikely source, former Suits actress, Meghan Markle.

The first film begins our story of how Amber journeys to the small kingdom of Aldovia to get the scoop on the coronation of the prince, only to learn less conventional truths about the royal family.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding takes a load of inspiration from the Duchess of Sussex’s early days of being a royal bride. Let’s take a look at some of those nods.

The Blog

Firstly, Amber’s blog plays a pivotal role in the second. She writes about Aldovia’s royal family after her editor at Beat Now refused to publish her article. It was this event that saw her quit her job and had her take blogging as a career.

This is a stark contrast to Meghan’s blogging journey. She founded The Tig which she wrote while she was appearing on Suits as paralegal Rachel Zane.

In A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, Amber is told she needs to close her blog down. She is less than thrilled about it. A similar thing happened to Meghan but for a different reason.

At the time of her and Harry’s engagement, it was assumed Meghan would be working for the royal family. Mind you, the now-Duke of Sussex will never be king. He is Prince Charles’ ‘spare’ heir.

Mrs Advrill has it censors against Amber’s wishes. Finally, Richard rips into the protocols after a fight with Amber. In the end, Amber gets to keep her blog open.

The Best Friends

Amber has two BFFs who always have her back, Andy and Melissa.

In reality, Meghan has Jessica Mulroney who has been her BFF since Suits.

Lack Of ‘Identity’

If there’s one thing Amber comes frustrated over very early in the movie, it’s how she has no say in planning her own wedding. She is upset at the idea that she has to follow Aldovia’s ancient traditions to a tee.

This is a similar issue Meghan endured when she was a working royal. She feels she was being bullied into following protocol.

The Supportive Parent

Amber’s supportive parent throughout the A Christmas Prince films is her widowed father, Rudy.

Meghan’s supportive parent is her mother, Doria.

Unrelated: The Change To The Succession Rules

In the first A Christmas Prince movie, Emily reveals to Amber that she’ll never be queen as only Richard was in the line of succession with their cousin, Count Simon. At the end of the film, the late King Richard I amens the rule so his son could be monarch.

At the beginning of A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby, Richard and Amber reveal that they have changed the rule again to allow female heirs to inherit the throne.

This nod actually has nothing to do with Meghan at all. It is actually a nod to Prince William and Catherine. When the Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant with Prince George in 2012, the Queen had the rule amended to allow any female heirs to have equal treatment to male heirs.

This allowed for the rule to be put into affect if George had been born a girl. The child would’ve been able to become queen and not be pushed down the line of succession by any younger brothers. This was put to the test after the birth of Prince Louis is the younger brother of George and sister Charlotte. The princess of Cambridge was not pushed down the line after his birth.

The Desire For A Child To Have A Normal Life

A few minutes into A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby, Amber expresses her desire to Richard for their child to be as normal as possible. She explains allowing them to go to public schools and playing with the neighbourhood kids. However, the baby would have a royal title.

Meghan and Harry had no desire for their son, Archie to have a title. When they showed him to the world for the first time, it was mentioned he was simply, Master Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

Commoner Born Royal Wife

A bit later into A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby, Queen Ming and Amber sit talking and the topic of Amber being a commoner who married into a royal family comes up.

This isn’t just a nod to Meghan but to Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge and Sophie, The Countess of Wessex as well. All three women were born commoners who married princes.

It’s also referenced that Amber is a commoner who became a queen. This within itself is a nod to Catherine who will become Queen Consort. This may even be a nod to Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall when Prince Charles becomes king.

Baby Shower

Amber has a baby shower to celebrate with her family but is forced to cancel it because of the missing treaty. After a conversation with her dad, the queen un-cancels the event.

In reality, the British Royal family have a thing against baby showers. It has been rumoured that Catherine at least one baby shower when she was pregnant. This has never been clarified.

Meghan, however, did have a baby shower but she didn’t actually throw it. Amal Clooney allegedly planned it and it was thrown in New York. It caused a massive uproar because it happened, it highlighted Meghan’s desire to be noticed, it cost a LOT of money to host and it featured massive celebrities.

The Baby Outfit

During the baby shower gift scene, Amber opens a present to reveal a onesie that says “I ♥️ NY”. Amber was raised in New York. Her being American is a nod to Meghan who is also American.

Unrelated fun fact: Rose McIver who plays Amber isn’t American. She’s a New Zealander.

Amber’s Coat

Finally, when Amber and the royal family present Elleri, the Queen is wearing a coat. It’s similar to the one Meghan wore when she and Prince Harry announced their engagement.

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