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It’s easy to forget in a quick-paced television series like Krypton when things happen and whether they’re concrete events. Luckily, we’re here to help. We’ve pulled together nine questions we hope give answers for all the fans asking about on social media.

1. When Did Seg and Nyssa Have A Baby?

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We keep finding keywords in our stats so we thought we’d address this as the first of our questions.

Seg and Nyssa cross paths after the scion of the House of El saves the Voice of Rao. Daron-Vex intends Val-El’s grandson to his youngest daughter against both of their wills. They go to the Genesis Chamber and conceive their son, Cor-Vex who becomes Daron’s heir, rather than Seg’s.

Cor is born sometime within the six months after Seg disappears into the Phantom Zone. It’s unknown when this occurred. We assume he’s only a few weeks to a few months old when we meet him. 

2. Who Does Seg Love?

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We know Seg in love with Lyta as it’s been said he’s the love of Lyta’s life. However, he has an unusual relationship with Nyssa. We see them kiss in the last episode of Season 1, but it was a heat of the moment thing and probably meant zilch. However, it might get complicated now they have Cor back.

Let’s move onto the next of our questions.

3. Who Is Superman’s Paternal Grandmother?

The answer to this question is unknown. No one knows who Kal-El’s grandmother is at the moment. Speculation arose that Lyta, as Seg’s girlfriend, might be Jor-El’s mother.

Another candidate could be Nyssa, which we’ll explain more in the next question.

4. Will Cor-Vex Be Renamed Jor-El?

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There is no Cor-Vex in the comics so it doesn’t hurt to ask if the newborn is really Jor-El, but with a different name.

This is a possibility given he was held hostage by his evil future younger half-brother, Dru-Zod. When Seg reunites with Nyssa, they launch a rescue mission to save their son from his twisted half-brother.

What makes Cor’s potential new name a given is the danger his parents are in. He’s already gotten babynapped once. They wouldn’t want it to happen again.

5. If Lyta Is Dead, What Happens With Dru-Zod?

People have asked what happens now with Dru-Zod now that his mother is gone.

 Okay, to answer the first part of the inquiry, we need to observe the obvious. We know officially that Lyta is dead as we saw her body. However, something feels off with the whole situation.

Going onto the second part of the question, there is a few ways Zod’s birth could play out since Lyta is “dead”:

  • Clone: The most obvious idea is reviving Lyta via clone. It’s possible the version of Lyta that was killed was a clone and the real one is hidden somewhere. As proven with Nyssa, the clone can reproduce.
  • Bringing Past Version Back To The Present: The show is about time travel, right? If Seg wanted Lyta back, he might venture via Zeta Beam and take a past version of her to the present. By doing this, Seg may fuse his DNA with the past version of his late love.
  • DNA: Since all Kryptonians are conceived in the Genesis Chamber, their DNA would be in the codex. Since Lyta is dead, so we’re lead to believe, it would make total sense her DNA was fused with Seg’s to conceive their son. This may be a stretch because not only does Jax have the codex, there’s no way Seg would raise a future extremist as a single father.
  • Lyta’s Not Dead: There’s a strong possibility Lyta’s not even dead. Krypton is so unpredictable, you can never tell what’s coming next. It’s possible what everyone saw on the live broadcast wasn’t Lyta. It could’ve been a decoy posing as her with some funky tech. This may have been a ploy of Jax’s for Zod to bend to her demands.

6. What Happened To Doomsday?

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The creature is still around. Since the last five episodes have focused on getting Seg home to fix the evil son issue, there’s been no time to focus on Doomsday. We’ve seen glimpses of him in the first couple of episodes, but nothing that can’t be fixed. 

7. Has Brainiac Officially Died?

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Interesting question. 95% yes. 5% no. When Zod ordered for his father to be reconditioned, Seg sees part of Brainiac still exists inside him. What we found super creepy was the alien wanted to help his new host. What happened to collecting other worlds? Whether Seg will get rid of the small percentage of the alien isn’t known yet, but it might explain why his future grandson Kal-El has superpowers when he goes to Earth.

8. What Is Kem’s Mental State?

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Last season was a kick in the teeth for our favourite bartender. He lost his friend Rhom to Brainiac and then he lost her daughter, Ona to the alien too who was trying to kill Seg and Adam.

He tells Adam when they reunite that he’s come to peace with what happened to his ward. Whether we believe that is uncertain, but he isn’t caving to his grief at the moment so we hope he’s managing.

9. Will We Hear From Sardath and Alanna Again?

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We want to know this too! It would be so cool if heard their voices again! It would be awesome if they made a physical appearance and Sardath kicked Adam’s ass for stealing the Zeta beam. As for Alanna, it would be epic to see her have a go at Adam. We heard her disappointment when we heard her voice the first time. There’s still a lot of questions about their relationship we have like are they a thing or if they were in the past and it soured.

If the series gets renewed for season 3, it would be really something to have Sardath and Alanna appear physically. There’s a load of questions we could ask about the father-daughter duo, but we’ll leave them for later.

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