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Tasteless And Disrespectful! The Sussexes Post List Of 9/11 Victims On Archewell Website Homepage


9/11. 9/11. A day meant for mourning 2,996 lives lost to terrorism. The Sussexes have used the occasion for a PR Op.

The world was supposed to bow down to tyranny never came on September 11, 2001. Al-Qaeda thought they’d seized a victory when members of their murderous regime hijacked four commercial planes carrying innocent people and ploughed them into the World Centre in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington DC. The plan? Extinguish as many lives as possible. In the years since 9/11, America and its allies have fought a tiring conflict to stop a repeat event from occurring.

As the world marks twenty years since 9/11, professional whiners Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are back at it. They’ve placed the list of all 2,996 victims on their Archewell website. To the average person who doesn’t their every move, it mightn’t seem out of the ordinary. However, to those that do, it’s scummy, and it’s dirty.

Why are they suddenly acknowledging the event now? As numerous people on Twitter have noticed, the Sussexes have never cared about 9/11. When they ran Sussex Royal, the only content posted to Instagram on that date is a video of Harry.


We’re not going to link the video because we’re trying to avoid giving the Sussexes the coverage they want.

The Hypocrisy Looms Like A Black Cloud

Meghan and Harry’s constant victimhood narrative is getting on people’s last nerve, and for a good reason. So, why do they suddenly think they’re world leaders, allowed to broadcast 2,996 names of deceased people across their platform? They’re not running a country or any description. Also, did they consult the families before placing?

It’s not difficult to see the Sussexes using dead people to profit. After all, Harry continuously uses his late mother’s memory as a shield to blame the media for everything. Let’s not forget, he and Meghan also accused the palace of trying to “muzzle” the former actress when the Oprah interview was announced while Prince Philip was in the hospital.

Harry’s involvement – no matter how minor – shows how hypocritical he is. During The Me You Can’t See Apple docu-series he did with Oprah, he complained that the public, and therefore, the world had no right to mourn his mother’s passing in 1997.

Princess Diana was a beloved public figure. Meanwhile, the victims of 9/11 were private citizens going about their everyday lives. The situations are different. Diana was given a public funeral because she was – again – a public figure. So, the world DID have a right to mourn her.

However, the victims of 9/11 were everyday people who weren’t in the public eye. So, why should their names be plastered across a website that is all about peddling money to fuel two money-seeking


All 9/11 is to Harry, and Meghan is another bandwagon. They jump on it because it is a current talking point. Once the conversation ceases, they jump off. Black Lives Matter is a perfect example. Meghan only ever spoke about the topic once and never again.

Moreover, the talk of “privacy” is just another way for the Sussexes to use victims of terrorism for profit. They can claim that they want to help the world, but are they? They don’t do the work, nor do they provide any research or contacts for people to get involved with said causes. Their fantasy world is toppling, and we’re all seeing through stunts. They’re not genuine. If Princess Diana were alive today, she would be appalled at how her youngest son now treats people.

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