Eerie Coincidence? Was Baby Lili Purposely Born On The 25th Anniversary Of Princess Diana’s Visit To Northwestern University?

There’s an eerie coincidence with Baby Lili’s birth. She was born on the 25th Anniversary of Princess Diana’s visit to Northwestern University, Meghan’s Alter Mater…

Please tell us we’re not imagining this. The newest royal baby, little Lili Mountbatten-Windsor was born on June 4th with her birth being announced a couple of days later. However, it has come to people’s attention, according to the Chicago Tribune that the newest child of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has another association with her late paternal grandmother, Diana, Princess of Wales outside of her middle name. The infant’s birth took place on the 25th Anniversary of Princess Diana’s visit to Northwestern University.

Now, there’s likely a lot of you going, “So, what? It’s just a date.” Maybe to most people, but we all know Meghan is obsessed with her late mother-in-law. Also, Northwestern University is MM’s alter mater. Three years after Diana’s visit, Markle would become a student at the same college. Whether this was a coincidence, we’re not sure. But, what if, and call us crazy if you need to, but Lili was born on this date for a reason. After all, it’s another link to Megsy.

Look at Archie for example. His first name is a partial anagram of Meghan’s actual first name, ‘Rachel’. Replace the ‘L’ with an ‘i’ and voila! You have Meghan inserting herself into her first child’s name. We also know that the boy’s middle name, ‘Harrison’ literally means ‘Son of Harry’. Now, we’re likely grasping at straws here but it makes sense. It’s surprising they didn’t make Lili’s full name ‘Lilibet Diana Meghan Mountbatten-Windsor’.

Though, it makes sense that Meghan will have get a nod in her daughter’s birth, regardless of how subtle. It sounds like her MO.

Do We Believe Lili’s Birth Being On June 4th Was An Accident?

It’s hard to say whether Lili being born on the 25th Anniversary of Diana’s visit to Northwestern University was accident. It could be just one large coincidence, but if Meghan knows so much about her late mother-in-law to the point of obsession, anything is possible.

Also, it’s unlikely Harry would’ve remembered what engagements his mother went on. Though, he did remember the one where she walked through the field of landmines. She did so many during Harry’s early years that he probably wouldn’t remember all of them. Though, it wouldn’t be surprising in the least if Meghan keeps a list of all Diana’s engagements, outfits, etc.

While we want to say yes, to Lili being purposely born on the 25th Anniversary of Diana’s Northwestern University visit, we’re also skeptical. While we would like to say that there is a meaning behind everything Meghan and Harry do, it might just have occurred without an actual reason. Maybe it didn’t come to mind when Lili was born that there Diana had done an engagement on this one specific day.

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