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Home And Away: 2021 Airdate Finally Revealed!

2021 airdate

Home and Away finally has its 2021 airdate…

Home and Away will return on February 1st, according its 2021 airdate and to Back to the Bay. There’s currently three promos out that we know of and we would break them down except the footage is either really grainy because it recorded on a mobile device or it the video loading is really slow and buffers. Though, from what we can make out from what we’ve seen there’s what we know:

  • Plenty of romance – Nikau/Bella, Tori/Christian, Jasmine/Lewis, Leah/Justin, Tane/Ziggy, etc.
  • Old scores will be settled – Christian and Lewis come face-to-face
  • A possible death – There’s a glimpse of Colby unconscious in a hospital bed on what looks like life support with Bella telling him she loves him.
  • A return – Willow returns as she is seen walking on the beach with Jasmine. There’s a shot from what Back to the Bay has posted in their 2021 airdate article of Willow hugging Amber.
  • New faces – Bridie Carer makes an appearance as Susie, there’s also Ryder’s new love interest.
  • Heath’s comeback – this was shown in at the first promo at the end of 2020 Season finale.
  • What happens with Mac? – Ari is seen with a woman that is NOT Mac.
  • Another health scare – Justin is going to suffer from another health emergency.
  • Jai’s return – Dean will be happy to see son Jai again but it is what it seems?
  • Roo’s predicament – It was teased during the first promo that Martha’s son and Roo’s new brother, Kieran will be causing a load of trouble for his sister and stepfather.
  • Robbery – Tane and Ari will be partake in their armed robbery that they don’t wanna do. It’s been speculated this might be how Heath comes back when it comes to those bad guys (forget their names).

Home and Away returns Feb 1 in Australia

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