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Home And Away: 2020 Season Finale – Will Someone Die?

2020 Season finale

Home and Away is about to head into its 2020 season finale. Will someone die?

It’s been one hell of a year. We’ve been forced to endure bushfires, floods, and of course, the coronavirus. However, the 2020 season finale of Home and Away is still going ahead as planned. With that said, we got a promo at the end of tonight’s triple episode for what’s to come for finale week. With all that being said, let’s jump in.

Please bear in mind that we will only be covering what we caught in 2020 Season Finale promo and not anything seen on online.

Will Colby Meet His End In Prison?

You can’t go into the final episodes of the year without going out with a literal bang. 2019 saw the murder of Mason Morgan who was shot dead during the hospital siege. In the 2020 season finale, could we see the death of Colby Thorne?

This week he was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the murder of his stepfather and his sister’s father, Ross Nixon. Bella mentions during a conversation with boyfriend Nikau that cops are always given a hard time in gaol. She’s right; they do and she has every right to be concerned. In the promo, we see Colby struggling to be away from his family and friends. We also hear someone’s voice say they know he’s a police officer.

One quick shot sees Bella in a flood of tears. Could we see him bite the dust? We came up with a couple of theories surrounding a prison break and Ross’ mates. It’s looking more and more likely we’re wrong on this account.

Meet Martha’s Secret And Troubled Son

In tonight’s episodes we see Martha is distracted. She reveals to Irene that she has a son named Kieran. However, there’s a catch. Alf doesn’t know about him and neither does Roo.

From what Martha reveals, it sounds like he has issues like Irene’s son, Mick did. In the promo, we see him pop up played by Rick McDonald. While we don’t see a lot of him in the trailer, he shows up in the diner and tells Marilyn he’s looking for the Stewarts. There’s then a scene of him… doing something shady? We’re not sure what he was doing.

2020 Season Finale Wouldn’t Be Dramatic Without A Hook Up Between Ziggy And Tane

Tane Parata might’ve only popped up in Summer Bay this year, but he’s already made impact on so many, especially some of the ladies. Amber had a one night stand with him and now it appears Ziggy might be his new love interest. Now, you’re probably wondering what happens with Mac. Well, it looks like his crush on her has fizzled out.

What’s more is Ziggy has been broken up with Dean for a while. She has had had no time for romance with everything going on. However, she has become closer to Tane whom she hired at the garage to help with the administration work with Justin out of commission. However, he ends up doing dodgy jobs and now she is caught up with it. She even had Willow help her get rid of the goods and the van.

We’re likely to get a fling next week while the rest of their romance will play out next year. The promo did tease a woman in bed with a man and we don’t think it’s Mac and Ari. The biggest indicator is the rings the woman was wearing. They look like the ones Ziggy wears.

Ari And Tane Get Themselves In Too Deep

Our final tidbit from the 2020 season finale is Ari and Tane will need to do an armed robbery if they are to be free or their tormentors. However, this is a sore spot for them as this type of crime is what go their brother, Mikaere, killed.

Finally, both brothers know that one of them may lose their lives. Ari reassures Tane that they have each other.

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