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Fandoms have always been the rage and it doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of something no one else enjoys. Pop culture is what is just that. Pop culture. There are so many fun brands out there. In saying that, I thought I would put together a list of my favourite pop culture brands. All these are worth following.

4. Think Geek

If you’ve ever typed Googled Ashley Eckstein’s Her Universe brand, you’d know the brand is partnered with ThinkGeek.

ThinkGeek became established in 1999 as a website for anyone who wanted to embrace their inner geek. For the next 20 years, they went from designing t-shirts to selling all kinds of merchandise.

3. Hot Topic

One of the world’s most famous pop culture brands is Hot Topic. Known to be one of the biggest pop culture brands in the world, Hot Topic sells not just clothing for your favourite fandoms. They also sell different merchandise, similar to Think Geek.

The best part about Hot Topic is the exclusive Pop! Vinyls made exclusively for the brand. The Pop! Vinyls get distributed to Zing! Pop Culture in Australia.

2. Zing! Pop Culture

In recent years, EB Games has become a massive enterprise. It’s become so big that they now created a sub-franchise, just for their merchandise. Zing! Pop Culture stores have popped up all over Australia. At some locations, Zing! Pop Culture and EB Games merge as one store. In other locations, they’re two separate stores.

1.  Her Universe

Star Wars fans will know the Her Universe brand. Ashley Eckstein created Her Universe to assist women in finding attire for their fandoms. The brand started out with just t-shirts for Star Wars fans. She later expanded the brand to include Doctor Who, Star Trek, Marvel, among others.

Every year, Her Universe has a fashion parade at San Diego ComicCon. They showcase new designers with some of them get to work with the Her Universe design team.


There’s so much more to pop culture than just films, television, books and comics. There’s fashion and there’s merch that is just waiting to be explored and bought. So, get out there and support your favourite fandoms! Scream your fandom’s name from the rooftops if you need to.


{Image Source: Her Universe Blog}


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