Fight Without Mercy – The Women Of ‘Krypton’

Without Mercy

We were recently graced with the series premiere of Krypton, a precursor television series to the Superman mythology. The series tells the story of Seg-El, the grandfather of Superman and how he must save his family legacy. Women are always known to play a role within the Superman lore, no matter if they’re civilian or some kind of alien warrior.

However, this article isn’t discussing the males on the show. It will be discussing the women of the series, beginning with the female lead, Lyta-Zod (Georgina Campbell).


Regardless if you want to believe it, Lyta-Zod will one day have a grandson and that grandson, Dru-Zod will becomes the arch nemesis of the House of El, especially the future grandson of her current lover, Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe).

Lyta is the daughter of Jayna Zod, the Primus of the military guild. However, unlike her mother, Lyta wants to help people and is willing to show them mercy whereas, her mother doesn’t

Unlike the rest of her family, Lyta may appear to be honorbound to the House of Zod, but Lyta’s true desire is to help the people of Krypton. She’s a reluctant warrior and doesn’t know where her journey begins and where it will end, especially since she is betrothed to Dev-Em (Aaron Pierre) who has loved her since they were children.

However, Lyta is the centre of attention for both Dev and Seg. Will this rivalry destroy the relationships she has with both of them or will she be able to pick one of them?


As the youngest daughter of House Vex, Nyssa lives and breathes politics. Her father, Daron is the man who sentenced Val-El to death via The Phantom Zone. Her world collides with Seg’s when he saves her father and other members of the Law Council from a would-be assassination attempt.

Unbeknownst to Nyssa or anyone else, this revelation begins to cause strain on Seg’s forbidden relationship with Lyta-Zod. Over the course of the story, Nyssa learns the value of friendship through Seg.


The mother of Lyta, Jayna (Ann Ogbomo) is loyal to her family code of fighting without showing mercy. She attempts to teach her daughter this value, but it seems the younger Zod’s heart just isn’t in it. Jayna is fiercely loyal and it would appear that like her great-grandson, Dru-Zod would be 200 years in the future, Jayna wants ultimate control to some degree.


The mother of the protagonist of Krypton, Seg-El, Charys-El (Paula Malcolmson) is also the wife of Ter-El and the daughter-in-law of Val-El (Ian McElhinney).

Like any mother, she loves her son and is protective of him. Unlike her husband, Ter who wants to constantly protect Seg, Charys knows Seg can’t be protected forever.

Shayera Hol

A Thanagarian, Shayera Hol, known as Hawkgirl joins forces with Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos) to stop Brainaic from eliminating Superman in his timeline.


While Krypton might be about the boys, the girls play a major role. Yes, they might play supporting roles, but they have every right to stand out. By doing this, it gives the boys a run for their money. Yes, they are the love interests, allies and enemy to our leading man, but the women can kick ass without battering an eyelid. Can’t wait to see this series. Hey! I love a good prequel/origin story.


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