Who Knew It Would Take Forever To Recreate My Website!

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Whoever said remastering your own website was going to be easy, think again! Now, unlike some people, I’m not a coder. I should know. There was a time where I did a brief stint in a software development class during high school, but that in itself is another story entirely. I never thought website building could be so hard! I built my website from scratch via SiteGround and WordPress. It’s a nice idea to explain why building my website from the ground up ended in a challenge.

Today’s post is all about the pain I went through last week to get my website into a far more presentable enterprise.

Website Building: Wanting To Do For A While

For some time, I have wanted to update my website, which I started in May 2017. Originally, I wanted the website to help me land freelance writing jobs, but when that didn’t happened, it sat idle for months without me touching it. I wrote maybe a couple of posts at the end of the year, but that’s when I realised. I needed to rebuild it. Make it new.

Jumping In – Menus

After much thought, I jumped in last week and spent almost a full week getting the site exactly there I wanted it to be. I played around with the menus and found that having three different menus just was overcrowding the space and difficult to get to for users. So, I went back and played with the menus a couple of times before I was finally happy with it. What a relief!

I didn’t want the side menu to be too jammed with stuff, but when push came to shove, I didn’t have a choice in the matter. Anyway, it looks okay now, which is better then nothing.

Designing A New Header

Let’s face it. Everyone gets tired of something after a while. In my case, I became tired of seeing my header every time I needed to make a change to anything on the main part of the website.

I must have played around with photoshop for an hour, trying to find font that worked. Also, because of the light colouring in the picture I chose to use, I had to find a colour that didn’t clash – meaning, it couldn’t be light or dark. Just, something in-between.


Once I got that part done, I had to move onto adding widgets to the menu. Like everyone know knows, widgets are probably the most vital part any website. From social media widgets for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, widgets are important for making your site function the way, YOU want it. Word of advice. Don’t go overboard!


Website building is not for everyone. I wasn’t sure I could build a website on my own, but I only just pulled it off. Barely. If you’re technologically minded, you learn new skills. However, I recommend getting someone to create your site for you, if you’re having trouble.

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